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February 15, 2011 by USA Post 

Jeopardy Watson, Regardless of how a product rates, there is always a healthy respect for the sweat and ingenuity that developers, engineers and computer scientists put in the products we test. So, after seeing Watson IBM supercomputer, to make its official debut on public television game show, Jeopardy, is what I have been amazed by the prowess of IBM scientists to create such a machine breathtaking, but could not help noticing a few areas where Watson was cut short and wondered how it would rate in our laboratory.

The most obvious blunder was Watson’s inability to recognize when an answer has already been given. One of two all-time Jeopardy! Champions opposed to super-computer, Ken Jennings answered a question incorrectly with, “What in the 1920s.” Watson made the same answer. Steve CAMEP, general manager of IBM’s global media and entertainment industry said “Watson does his entrance to the council of the question whether the fact that someone else gave the same answer does not take into account in what Watson said. He cannot hear what other players are saying, but it may be a feature we can add in the future. ”

(AP) – In the “Jeopardy!” battle of man against machine, man and machine have been shoulder-to-shoulder Monday.

Male player Brad Rutter and the supercomputer named Watson completed a first round tie and 5000. The other challenger, man Ken Jennings, was far behind with $ 2,000.

Rutter (all times the show money-winner with and 3.25 million) and Jennings (who has the longest winning streak to 74 games) are the most successful players in “Jeopardy!” history. 10 racks of servers, computers running the Linux operating system, power Watson, named Thomas J. Watson founder of IBM.

“You are about to attend what may prove to be a historic race,” host Alex Trebek told viewers at the top of the show.

No way, Watson has proved a surprising competitor – maybe even a little frightening speed and accuracy that he displayed.

With categories including those Beatles, Weird Olympics and the name of the Decade, the cycle began with Rutter choosing the first question and 200 for other meanings: “. 4-letter word for a point of view or belief ”

“What a view?” was the correct answer Rutter.

But Watson was supported by his response to alternate meanings $ 400: 4-letter word for the assembly of iron on the hoof of a horsebox or a card dealing in a casino. ”

“What is a shoe?” Watson said in his electronic voice resonance.

His next selection was the Daily Double game board, and after betting and 1000, he correctly named the literary Sought: “Who is Hyde?

At one point Watson was dominant to the tune of 4,000, as against 200 for each and Jennings and Rutter. Rutter then, gives hope to viewers worried about the man, began his rally.

On the way, Watson has made a few embarrassing missteps.

After Jennings stated incorrectly the 1920s was the decade in which Oreo cookies were introduced, Watson jumped with his answer: “What is 1920?”

“No,” said Trebek. Ken said that! ”

Rutter was right when he said: “What are the 1910s?”

Later, Watson slipped on the question: “elegance of style, or students who have all received the same year.”

“What is chic? Ventured Watson.

“What class?” Rutter responded correctly.

Matches exhibition will continue Tuesday and Wednesday at the popular quiz show TV. Two full games are released, and with the winner collecting $ 1 million.

The fights were recorded at the IBM research center in Yorktown Heights, NY, and last month. Men and Watson were able to maintain the final result under a bushel.

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