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December 14, 2010 by Post Team 

Jennifer Carpenter, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) feelings of Dexter (Michael C. Hall) mid-term outcome of this season not only served as a perfect harbinger of what must surely between the brothers and sisters in the future, but also as a summary of all of season 5. Just when I thought I really got to know Dexter season after last year’s epic, it appears that I may have idealized my favorite serial killer too. As Lumen (Julia Stiles), my black passenger seems to have suddenly taken a back seat.

He often felt at times this year that I was not even watching the same show. Subplots seemed to disappear into the air. Character motives seemed questionable at best. And there was a tangible lack of chemistry through that was hard to put a finger on. Prepared to make its final ruling in the finale, The Big One only confirms the worst traits of the season, leaving me a bit like Dexter at the end of the episode rather dead inside.

It was perhaps biggest flaw of the night. All that growth, all these changes and atonement in one cast away, the last line. It is a shame … and an error. Asking us to continue on this scale of change possible throughout the season (each season) without giving us any kind of payment emotional, like sex without orgasm: it feels great when you’re in the middle of this, but the end you re so frustrated that you could just kill somebody (or what I heard). Dexter deserves better. We.

For one thing, if we know Dexter can not change, the show is over. Contrast how the five seasons ended with the marriage of Rita at the end of Season 3. We wanted to see how the hell would ever manage Dexter married life because we wanted to see him succeed. But now it seems as if the show itself backed into a corner. If Dexter has dropped, so why not us?

Like childhood wishes never true, I had my own desires for “The Big One”. I hope that an enemy would be released to be on the table Dexter. I wanted Deb would have discovered something about Dexter leave us hanging for season six. But mostly I wanted that we had not spent a season pass to watch Dexter perhaps its greatest transformation but only to return to the same place we visited so many times before.

You can paint by numbers for so long before starting to forget that you are trying to make art. If last season was Van Gogh, this season was a coloring book that did not go outside the lines. In some ways, it is the fault of the show to give us such excellence in the past. The irony is that while Dexter seems clearer than ever about whom he really is, can not be said for the show itself. At least not until the sixth season.

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