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September 14, 2010 by Post Team 

Jay Z Eminem Yankee Stadium, “Now, the Yankees,” chanted the fans last night in the Bronx, New York, home of Major League champions. But they were not there to see Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez smash outside the park. The sellout filled the new Yankee Stadium to see two of the greatest talents and most accomplished hip-hop, Eminem and Jay Z, a native-based youth bring their first show. Two weeks ago, the combo started the first half of Home home and mini-tour at Comerica Park in Detroit. There Em, was the night closer. But on Monday night, put things.

The chants turned to cheers when intro Em Space began on the big screen. Like the Star Wars films begins with a history text that appears as we travel across the galaxy, also endorsed it, which chronicles his covered way too addicted to drugs problems to sobriety. “You’re here to witness,” he concluded, “Recovery of Eminem.”

In a black tee, shorts and a matching hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head, slid Em on stage to “Will not Back Down,” beating with a fierce intensity. As he spat on the track, “Shady has mass appeal.” And it was obvious. You go, fans did the poet Motor City feel at home, beating along word for word.

“Politically correct” and Eminem do not go together. The animations of a redneck with a mullet and battered his car met with laughter when he sang “WTP (White Trash Party).” Their fans are a different type of raising a lot more twisted that somehow relate to some of his lyrics more violent and galling as “B -, I’mma kill” in the aptly titled “Kill You.” And they obeyed the order to raise their middle fingers and say, “F-you, Mom!” before It launched a “Cleanin ‘Out My Closet.” After a brief with his group D12, Bob, who opened the show, and came out to perform his “Planes”, with Em, but as a guest was just a warm for what was coming.

Find out who the surprises were other and how did Jay-Z after the jump.

In a Gucci jacket and red cap of the Yankees, 50 Cent came out for their collaboration “patiently waiting” in Queens, NY native 2003 debut. 50 took over from there, taking out his G-Unit for “In Da Club” and obscuring the stage to show that the jacket and hat lit. But the last customer was the largest Em: Dr. Dre. Halfway through the control name of the producer’s iconic “My name is,” Dre walked out, muscular in a black shirt for her classic “Still DRE” and “Nuthin ‘but a’ G Thang.” “After promising that his oft-delayed Detox album” comes “without declaring any finite time, it was. The crowd went wild. Although more than a decade in the making, I still believe it will be worth the wait. He then returned Em.

Winding down a whole, made his 2002 cut “Without Me.” To follow the career of Eminem also take a journey through pop culture, his songs are full of references to the dead pop groups like ‘N Sync and the Spice Girls and former presidents Clinton and Bush. At 37 years, it is hard to believe that has been around a long time. Sample of hip-hop is not a sport of young men. As in other genres, the best age with grace and understand its value. Em closed with “Not Afraid”, but warning that the stadium had not tried one of their biggest hits, an encore was in order. He returned to make his inspiring “Lose Yourself.”

In “Without Me”, which he called: “Now this looks like a job for me / So everybody, just follow me / ‘Cause we need a little controversy / Because it feels so empty without me.” During his four-year absence, his presence has been lost. Now back on the straight and narrow, the dispute can not be so big. That’s a good thing. With the show he gave, why would we want anyone but is he?

“I missed you motherf -” he said before leaving the stage. “Did I miss?” Deafening screams were confirmed. For a moment it seemed he would be a hard act to follow for Jay-Z to follow. I should have known better.

As for how Jay did after the jump.

Using a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and everything matching, Jay, took the stage just below 23 o’clock performance of “Dynasty Intro”, a cult favorite. It was not until three minutes into the program before chants of “Hova!” He filled the stadium. Backed by his band, the Roc Boys, Jay, 40, did not hesitate to take out the heavy artillery early. After his second rap verse in “Run This Town”, Kanye West, with a red leather jacket, matching pants and a cheetah print shirt was launched to spit his verse. What followed was a mini-series Jay and West. The couple ran through “Western Power” remix and even took Nicki Minaj for “Monster.” Then Jay let his younger brother rock solo “Can not Tell Me Nothing” and “Good Life.” Kanye faced some of his lyrics, but the crowd loved it as well.

Producer Swizz Beatz and special hypeman ran for “On to the next.” Although Eminem returned for his “Renegade” duo. After a series of commemorative meetings to the fallen rap icons like Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Guru, and more, Jay asked the crowd to “Raise your diamonds in the air. I like the way it looked.” Then “PSA” rang through the speakers.

When the time came to make “Heart of the City,” Jay’s a more introspective songs, pulled out a close friend and Coldplay, Chris Martin, a leading man, receiving a massive ovation. Then Martin took the piano to play a riff of “Clocks” as Jay used his “Most Kingz” rhyming verse of it. Martin ended his visit with one of the biggest hits of his band: “Viva La Vida.” From one extreme to another, the audience shuddered hook overtone singing the song.

As if to ask random DJ Jay asked her to “give me anything.” The instrumental of “Drake Miss Me” was the selection. And like clockwork, the prince of rap, also dressed in black, sprang a surprise. The two performed “Drake’s Light Up” for the first time too. Just when the crowd caught their collective breath, the wife of Jay, BeyoncĂ© pop queen joined him. In a black sequined dress, slipped downstairs to meet his man of “Forever Young.” “That bad girl,” Jay said as she left. “That girl is tough! S-!” The show basically ended with his hometown tribute, “Empire State of Mind.” Although Jay managed to get into several other classics like “Izzo (HOVA)” and “Encore” to the delight of many .

Proud of himself, Jay said: “Damn, I’m so cool. I’m so cool that even f -” fair. “And then he asked the crowd for one last favor:” Make some noise! “Course yes. Yes, it’s great. But the best way to describe this night was legendary. “This is a historic night,” Jay said earlier in the evening. “There will never be another night like this.” Hip-hop gave birth in the same Bronx neighborhood 30 years ago, something in the corners, had it’s inaugural showing at Yankee Stadium home-base in large scale. Historic, indeed.

The beginning and end at home tonight at Yankee Stadium. Will you be there tonight? Have you seen or done before Jay Em? Was the best hip-hop show ever? Let us know.

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