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August 10, 2010 by staff 

Jasmine Lennard, The British model Jasmine Lennard has been written the article on his time between the sheets with super seksi Cristiano Ronaldo, and not only does it matter a great deal of information about the good things – like what is rocking in those short shorts delicious – but also softer, with less exposed side of football!

She writes:

Ron usually will not approach a woman himself, preferring instead to send one of his merry men to do their dirty work while he looks forward, smiling with his teeth and offers an arrogant nod in their direction.

It seems the majority of women have links with their ability to speak English is limited. “Actually, is not simply selective.

He is fully capable of maintaining an intelligent conversation, but is conveniently done verbally with disabilities when confronted with a woman scorned in which everything becomes the point “That That That” and “do not understand.”

He sent his main man Roger to ask where he was going after the club and if they could come all and have a longer “sxy.” I politely declined, offering instead to give my number to Ronaldo if – and only if – he came and asked himself.

Entertained by my lack of will, which ultimately made before loading it can only be described as a limousine full of giggles whites girls and retreat back to the Beverly Hills hotel with them.

He sent a message texted furiously until two days after I agreed to meet him.

I have a very masculine approach to sex and this was a game for me. It was a toy and it was a spectacle. I was not interested in courting him or win her heart. The truth is that even she was not attracted to him. His shorts were short, his principal was tight and the pink color of the two was … just not for me. As soon as he met my German Shepherd dogs and started shouting and waving his crutches to them in panic and fear, I realized that maybe it would not be Mr. Right.

You may be wondering why I do then? The only explanation is that while I was not attracted to him, I liked the fact that he was just for me. A sort of power trip, I guess. Shortly after entering the bedroom, I did indeed catch sight of the REAL Ronaldo. However, while many women appreciate a man well equipped, this was just ridiculous … so daunting. “Oh, my God, I thought,” let’s get this over with, although I wondered how long it would take. Not long was the answer … maybe he was having a day off!

He touched base with me on vacation to Los Angeles seconds that led him to “connect” with my friend of Paris Hilton – someone later told me that his mother strongly disapproved and not caring.

His appetite for women is insatiable. It boasts of sending group text messages between friends, when women say “Hi baby, I’m thinking of you” and see how long it takes and how many responses you get.

He also talks about the allocation of slots for women to “skype date” with him over the Internet. One of his last achievements was the American socialite Kim Kardashian.

On occasion I saw a softer side of him though. Like when he talked about the death of his father, and how sad he felt he did not live to see the luxury that is now able to support his family.

Or his mother’s battle with cancer and what happened to her £ 100,000 donation to the hospital, credits with saving his life.

These moments were, however, are few and far between. They left me confused as to who he really was. Was it an egotistical womanizer or just a immature kid with too many “yes” people around and a lot of growing to do?

I was happy to entertain the evening hours of conversation in an attempt to resolve this. But it became hard work. Receive up to 15 messages a day from it, it was exhausting trying to please / entertain / keep him satisfied.

Inneresting VERY! This definitely paints a very different light than we expected!

It seems that there are certainly some issues behind those gorgeous eyes and pouting little seksi! Ronnie is not used to not getting what you want, and Jasmine was not feeling!

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