Jailbreak 4.3.1 Untethered

April 10, 2011 by USA Post 

Jailbreak 4.3.1 Untethered, This tutorial works for iPhone 4.3.1 IOS 4 (GSM), the iPhone 3G, iPad1, 4th generation iPod Touch, iPod Touch 3rd generation If your IOS device is not on the list is not compatible with this tutorial.

There are some very good articles on how to jailbreak, but many miss a couple of steps you need to know jailbreakers new especially when it comes to using Cydia – The place to find and install applications jailbreak. This tutorial is to help jailbreakers first time, covering both the process step-by-step jailbreak and also how to use Cydia to install an application.

Do not try to escape from jail if you do not like when things are going to (expletive). If you need the device to your business and be without it for a period of time will lose your job – stop now. If you get angry with your partner how to fold towels or toilet paper roll – Jailbreaking is probably not for his personality. Sometimes, breaking things and the device is probably blocked more often than if it was released. Apple “claims” jailbreaking voids the warranty if it is an issue to stop now. SquareTrade still covers jailbreak.

If the IOS device is already jailbroken – then check out this video tutorial on how to make a backup of the IOS device released. (Thanks to Brian for putting this together.)

Step 0 – Before you start makes sure you upgrade the IOS device IOS 4.3.1 if not already done so. If you do not know how to jailbreak update your IOS device may not be for you.

Step – Close iTunes and turn off the IOS device (make sure your IOS device is connected to your computer)

Step 2 – Create a folder called “jailbreak431″ on the desktop.

Step – Download Redsn0w of the links below

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc9:



Step – Extract the zip file (double clicking) and drag the folder to the folder on your desktop Jailbreak431.

Step 5 – Download the IPSW file for IOS device. (This will take some time, as it is a large file – over 600 MB)

IPSW (firmware)

IPhone – GSM

IPhone 3G


Fourth-generation iPod Touch

IPod touch 3rd generation

Step 6 – Move the IPSW file in the folder Jailbreak431.

Step – Open the folder and then Jailbreak431 Redsn0w folder and launch the Redsn0w.

Step – Click the Browse button and locate the folder and select the file Jailbreak431 IPSW (firmware).

Step – Click on the “Next” once the firmware has successfully identified
Step – You will then be taken to a screen Redsn0w application that prompts you to “select the options” – Install Cydia is already selected. For most users that is all you want selected – then click “Next”
Step 11 – Always ensure that your IOS device is both off and connected to your computer. Do not connect through a USB hub or keyboard or monitor port – Connect directly to computer USB port to the IOS device.

Note: If you connect your device off the SOI with the team at this stage – which probably will become the IOS device. If so, then it boots – Hold down the power button and slide off again.

Once you confirm that you are connected directly to your computer and the IOS device is turned off – you can click “Next” – NOTE: The next step will take some good time and following directions.

Step – As soon as you click next – will have to hold down the power button for 3 seconds

Step 13 – You will then need to follow the power button while pressing the start button for 10 seconds
Step – Then will release only the power button while pressing the start button for 15 seconds.
If / when you mess up this step by releasing the wrong button (s) you can click the Back button and try again.

Step 15 – You will see a message that says pending restart.

Then one that says “did NOT click Finish yet.
IOS on the device you will see lots of activity, including some code – Do not remove the IOS device from your computer. After a couple of minutes to see a pineapple with his legs and a message of mobile applications. At this point, be patient with the process of jailbreak is nearing completion. Take a few minutes for the process is complete and the IOS device to reboot. If more than 10 or 15 minutes and the IOS device’s screen are all black – press the start button once – most likely end up and you missed it. If you show the slide to unlock screen, then click “Finish” in the application Redsn0w.

That is – you are free.

Step 16 – Now you can find the Cydia application on the device IOS. It is a brown color and icon labeled “Cydia”. Note: Some reports say that right after the jailbreak – the Cydia application is emerging as an all white – but after a reboot of IOS device returns to its normal brown icon.

Step – Tap Cydia to launch it. The program will maintain the first time you open it.
An application almost everyone wants and working on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad is the application of history. This application allows real multitasking on the device and is free. To install this application, click on “Search” on the bottom row of Cydia and then in the search box “overview” type

Finally, scroll and select how you want to be able to toggle background applications. Personally I like the “Hold short” sleep button. This makes it very easy to activate and is not likely going to be activated by accident.
That is what is now jailbroken and have their first real jailbreak application running on the device.
Please understand sometimes installed by applications are interrupted – in which case you need to try and reinstall. Things are not as stable when jailbreak – expect some additional failures and conflicts between applications.

Note: If you have an iPad – no – I repeat – no – install five-icon dock – it will really mess up your IPAD and will have to restore it. However, the application works great on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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