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October 16, 2010 by Post Team 

Jackass 3d Review, There really is no reason for 3D Jackass be in 3-D. Moreover, there is really no reason for 3D Jackass exist, even as they probably do not have to see adult men, often dressed in their scantier, death-defying run and / or really stupid tricks with names agile as Tetherball Beehive, “” Sweatsuit C**ktail “and” Lamborghini Toothpull. “No need to see them a kick in the nuts by donkeys pissed, released into the air by bucking bulls, or play the trumpet through their asses.

Well, not really need to see grown men playing the trumpet through their asses. And yet – why is it that I can not resist calling attention Jackass? Jackass movies flourished, as a flowering plant of the buttocks of a nudie on a painting by Hieronymus Bosch, the MTV series of the same name, which aired from 2000 to 2002. The first Jackass film shows the actor Johnny Knoxville and a team of professional skateboarding and other fearless as Bam Margera, Steve-O, and the generator 4-foot-7 that goes by Wee Man (though his real name is Jason Acun ~ a) are shooting the guns, dodging angry cattle, and from time to time, raising the camera. The second entry in the series, Jackass Number Two, seems much more of the same, and a particular little ditty of a gag that I hope never to see again in my life (in which Steve-O allows a leech live to be applied to your eyeball).

Jackass 3D is, once again, more of the same, except in 3-D – which means that when guys throw deep dildo, a large rubber band, you know what comes directly to you.

Jackass 3D is, once again, more of the same, except in 3-D – which means that when guys throw deep dildo, a large rubber band, you know what comes directly to you. Like its predecessor, Jackass 3D is horrible, indefensible, and fun. Many fans of movies, including myself, have struggled to find some sort of intellectual framework of reference that helps us to justify our love for them. I have always supported the film critics groups have jaw in about homoertc subtext of the film (which really are a bunch of guys together outrageously), or about your specific niche in the canon of the Three Stooges-style humor , or what they are really trying to say about the human condition.

In the end, however, we just throw our hands: Movies Jackass are explainable universe just themselves. May unravel the smug superiority that can accommodate the deep: We are, after all, they are enticed to laugh at a lot of guys stupid enough to do things we never try, like allowing a remote control helicopter is attached by a cable to our pns (which is something, if I were to have a pns, I can assure you would never do). It is also possible that the Jackass movies open a pressure valve for those of us who have had a sht day or week: You can often feel like I’d been slapped in the face with a giant fish, but these guys have experienced of fact.

But at the risk of overintellectualizing what is probably, at bottom, just a bunch of grown men acting, I dare say that many of the gags in plenty Jackass show 3D visual wit, if not brilliant. In the aforementioned “Beehive Tetherball, two Jackass bat boys a world full of pissed off bees return. To maximize the risk and pain of bee stings, which are dressed as little as possible, but it is important to note that they are dressed in suits, helmets consisting of furry brown bears (with ears) and matching brown teddy lingerie, as characters in a children’s book of dementia.

In another gag, “The High Five” cast members are confident Thwack with a giant hand to enter the offices of Jackass – these guys seem to be living in great Don Martin cartoon. And at the most visually beautiful and horrible most of the movie, Johnny Knoxville, which he has painted to blend in perfectly with a tree-and-rainbow decorated cloth which has been supported in a bullpen, waiting for a disgruntled, 2000 – pound, four-legged creature to accuse him.

Then we see everything play in slow motion: When the beast runs in Knoxville, is flipped in the air and the first part of your body touches the ground is the base of your neck – you can almost hear the crunch. It seems that the type of fall that could kill you, but not, thank God, kill Knoxville. He is whisked away to safety, and after taking a few seconds to recover, he just laughs, like the rest of his teammates watching from the sidelines – although they seem to know, perhaps better than him, how close which was to bite the big one.

I am pleased that the Jackass guys do not churn out a new movie every year, because the time they reach the end of each of them, I feel I’ve had it for a while. Jackass 3D is no exception. That is, the humor is a very kid-centric. But when I see these kids on several occasions, with joy and stupidly fly through the air and land on the head, upper back, his tailbone, I always – and I laugh – feel a little pain. Not everyone has a hammer. But we all have a coccyx.

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