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October 15, 2010 by Post Team 

Jackass 3d Review, Its seems to be two schools of thought on Jackass. Of course, there is one who deplores and condemns. Then there are those who exaggerate how much they like it and respect it ironically. I want to start a third school, an exploration of real artistic achievement of the franchise Jackass. It may have started as a bunch of guys acting stupid, but when you create a kind and excel is the art. The film is first and foremost entertainment, and Jackass is the purest form of entertainment.

I’ve seen Jackass: Number two the best movie of 2006. His creativity and execution of stunts was masterful. The task of pure traction on people who have been doing for years has been a major obstacle to overcome. The guys played to the camera as professionals. There were recurring themes and motifs mounted parallel to the music of a highly efficient manner. Not a single shot was a misfire.

Jackass 3D is not better than Jackass: Number two, but it is the next entry of a solid team, which developed their art. A bit like the High Five shows how the donkey got advanced. Wee Man and Johnny Knoxville have developed a handspring into a hallway and trick other teammates by crossing his path. Ryan Dunn appreciates how Wee Man created him for that. Nobody thought Danger Ehren fall for him, but they add to the layer configuration raises the stakes for the match. Then the third slap must add something, and now you have a joke in layers.

The air seeps professionalism when you see an update everyone after a stroke. They may want to be stupid, but after 10 years on stage, even stupidity has standards and a vision of some is required to make the final cut. The fact that they areanlyzing a stunt that was stupid to begin is a meta-level that should be enjoyed, not dismissed.

Some of the stunts actually create beautiful 3D visuals. In Boogie Bungee sling donkeys are different from a ramp. Whether riding skateboards, skates or other, they fly through the air in slow flight. In addition, Preston Lacy sees an opening for a gag and he fills it. This is another way these professionals rely on the art of entertainment they create.

Publishing continues to reveal the extent of a configuration at the precise moment when it is funnier. With a jet engine in the shooting, everyone finds something to do for a wind gag. This segment will stunt the art because someone might take a physical risk, or they could just throw something ironic in the wind. sht* jokes also require more elaborate construction, which should be assessed on an intellectual and a visceral.

They still put up reactionary bit of performance art, creating a scene in public. Here too, they start with an idea that is already funny, then add the next level, then the other. As a “Simpsons” joke, a funny thing would be, but the fact that there are three or four jokes raises the whole premise. For some, they have a fictional cameraman to stop shooting, but that is only part of the sale of the reality of the danger they were invented. Experts.

It is not so in your face, as one might expect. It’s just pictures and some really good it comes out in 3D. They left a few more failures to pass through the combination and this time the second half of Jackass 3D is less inspired. It is still a work of art, and if you do not believe me, I took five pages of notes to come to this conclusion.

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