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September 17, 2010 by Post Team 

It S Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6, If we have the ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ gang for one thing, is never afraid to tackle the burning issues, whether the abortion, the homeless problem, or the latest obstacle to Mac to get laid .. . gay marriage.

Regardless of who may be affected by a problem in the real world outside of Paddy’s Pub, our five heroes bstrds managed to make everything about them. Mac was disturbed by the fact that his post-op transsexual ex-girlfriend is now “gay married” to someone who is not him, was upset that Dennis is still not married to anyone, Charlie and Frank decided that the best resolution for lack Charlie health insurance was to get gay married to each other, and Dee almost just wanted to have sex with which to take her, as Mac said he prefers “being shot in the face” to marry her. Oh, those wicked enchanters.

Not that Mac never admit that he was jealous and feel spited Carmen for her ex, the decision to live with a body soft guy named Nick – who made much more sense for him and his Catholicism selective in deciding which Carmen and Nick were now “gay married” and that their relationship was an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, despite the current lack of Carmen’s pns. Never mind the fact that Carmen did not lack a pns when she and Mac were together. We believe that Mac is trying to tell us something …

All this culminated in an epic diatribe Mac we will transcribe here for posterity:

Mac: “I think we’ve established that there would be a phone call after the procedure, and then you have the procedure and never receive that call – instead, called his soft body, and gay and married him! Now you’re calling me gay, I say I’m shooting and trying to confuse your Biblicisms liberals! ”
Nick: “Man, I guess it has been mistaken for a very long time …”


We actually think that the demonstration of Mac cable extension of the futility of gay marriage drew quite well – it needs a Bible when you can put two caps and make them hump?

After Charlie began moving back Frank giant box of coins (because I can not think of a more sensible way to paralyze yourself) the couple decided to jump on the bandwagon of gay marriage to Charlie was able to enter health insurance Frank. Frank, as well as Mac, was a little worried about how “gay” of this concept sounded gay marriage until Charlie explains that none of them had to get his pns cut off – obviously!

“We would both be men,” insisted Charlie. “We want to be two fresh, straight guys married.”
“Ooooh,” Frank agreed, “Well, I never thought that way. Two guys who are married, which seems very happy.”

Of course not: as straight in the world! Unfortunately, the couple realized they had a lot of forms involved in deceiving the government, which was not a problem encountered when Dennis decided to marry his girlfriend in grade 10, Ponderosa Maureen, who seemed to be one of those legendary lost love that can only refer you both for your name each time he addressed or mentioned.

As Maureen was doing Dennis feels feelings for the first time in many years, decided that they were clearly soul mates. They only had to sign a marriage license only and were ready to roll, despite having been together only for about five minutes, and the fact that Mauritius had an unfortunate dead tooth and a penchant for sweaters with cats on them.

FYI: If you are looking for a genuine comment, honest about the situation of unmarried couples and inequality with respect to heterosexual marriage, the scene at the County Clerk’s Office between Charlie, Frank, Dennis and Maureen could almost qualify. Ish. If you squint. And then Frank went and ruined everything by looking at Maureen’s breath smelled like it was “nibbling on bits of sh * t.” Thanks, Frank.

As a farewell note: Dee Is gag reflex tripping another gag reflex, as well as mine and Mac? There was almost a real vomiting which occur for a minute there.

Stay classy, Philadelphia.

‘Sunny in Philadelphia “airs Thurs, 22:00 ET on FX.

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