Is Justin Bieber A Dad

November 3, 2011 by staff 

Is Justin Bieber A Dad, Justin Bieber hit song “Baby” can assume a new meaning altogether. The pop megastar 17 years old, faces charges that he had a son with one of his fans, according to reports from radar. Bieber’s legal team quickly denied the allegations. Even so, what are the details of the allegations, and what exactly does Bieber team have to say about them? Here is a brief guide:

What are the charges?
A 20-year-old female fan Justin Bieber argues that the ancient virgin stripped from racks at a concert in Los Angeles last year, and that the singer is the father of her three month old baby, first reported radar Wednesday. Yeater Mariah Bieber says its proposals on 25 October last year, when she was 19 and he 16. He has filed a paternity suit in a California court, their statements are made in a “hand-signed affidavit, under oath, under penalty of perjury.” Tristyn Anthony Date of Birth Markhouse Yeater, July 6, 2011, “was exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter with Justin Bieber,” Yeater said. Based on that time, states that “there were other men may have had sex you could be the father of this baby.”

How did you meet?
According to reports, Yeater alleges that he was “led by security guards” to meet the pop star after her concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. “Immediately it was obvious that we are mutually attracted to each other, and began to kiss,” Yeater said in the lawsuit alleged paternity. She says Bieber then suggested going to a private place to be alone, and did not want to use protection because it was her first time having sex. The meeting “was brief,” Yeater said, “that lasts only about 30 seconds.”

Yeater is essentially admitting child rape?
The allegations are without a doubt “more complicated” by the age difference between Bieber and Yeater, says People. The age of consent in California is 18, but the teen idol was 16 at the time of the alleged encounter, raising the question of whether Yeater could be charged with statutory rape if Bieber is in fact the father. In response to this possibility, California defense attorney Steve Cron told The New York Post that in normal circumstances, would allow prosecutors glide age difference. “But in these circumstances, the prosecutor’s office must prove that they are not treating women differently, not to treat a different celebrity, [and] he might have to do something.”

Field Bieber What to say?
In a statement to E! Online, Bieber team denied the allegations. “While we have not yet seen the lawsuit, it is sad that someone making claims tortious, defamatory, demonstrably false,” the statement said. “We vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.” They also say Yeater Bieber and could not have been alone in the backstage of the concert in question. For its part, the singer gleefully Twitter his nearly 14 million followers .. “So I’m going to ignore the rumors … and focus on what is real and the opportunity to help by doing what I like to judge me about music and love ‘all!”

How damaging is this?
Whether or not the statements are true, says Jen Chaney Washington Post, marks the first time that Bieber has found himself embroiled in a scandal of truth – which is remarkable given its high profile. Before this, the “child” has not been associated with something “much more controversial than a water balloon fight and some public kisses with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.” However, given the strong denial Bieber team, it is likely that these charges “will not tarnish Bieber”. Not everyone agrees, however. “In addition to puppy love … is unacceptable to the public Tiger Beat,” Grantland said Molly Lambert. This could seriously affect the star.

Now what?
Star Executive Editor Dylan Howard, who has seen the legal documents, tells CBS News that the affidavit claims that the court Bieber forced to undergo DNA tests “to show, in fact, that he is the father of the baby Tristan “. Yeater is also requesting child support, effectively immediately, says Howard. A hearing is scheduled for December.

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