Is John Cena Leaving Wwe

November 22, 2010 by staff 

Is John Cena Leaving Wwe, We open the show with a video package showing the history of the event tonight, and the principal disputes in the show.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. He immediately began hyping the WWE Championship match which will ultimately decide the fate of John Cena. We’re going right to the ring, and Ted Dibiase Jr. hits music s, our first championship match signal of the night. DiBiase made his way to the ring with Mary in tow.

Match United States Championship
- Bryan Daniel (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

The bell rings and both men lock up. Bryan Dibiase works on the arm, but he quickly turned around on him. Bryan is able to get out and hit a dropkick and the lights go out for no reason at all. They come back and Bryan catches a big boot Dibiase in the midsection. Dibiase place at the apron and catches Bryan in the stomach with a shoulder. Dibiase traps Bryan and suplex him from inside the ring on the ground.

Bryan cancels DiBiase in the ring lies in a couple of elbows on his throat and rises to the middle rope to drop a double ax handle, again through the throat of Bryan. Bryan fell outside, but it quickly canceled Dibiase goes for the cover but he is only able to get a number two. Bryan stuns DiBiase with a European big uppercut, and another. Bryan scores with a kick, but he took on the mat and pounded by DiBiase for a bit before trying another Dibiase dropped. Dibiase goes straight to a chin lock back when Bryan kicks, but Bryan is able to fight him off, only to be planted across Dibiase with a knee Backbreaker, and stood up for a dropkick. DiBiase locks in a rear chin lock another.

Bryan is able to fight for his feet, and avoids a suplex of Dibiase to come back with a beautiful dropkick in the corner. Bryan fixed Dibiase with a series of kicks, backflips on DiBiase into the corner and lands a lasso sliding. Bryan throws DiBiase to the outside and hits a suicide dive beautiful, soon to rise in seizing his shoulder. Bryan is a hard worker, but even if he is seriously injured, he has worked more games with the worst injuries. Bryan hits a missile dropkick shotgun rope is good for a two count. Bryan sqaure Dibiase kicked in the chest about eight times before going for another. DiBiase grabs his leg, but finds himself caught in a small package of two. Bryan Labell going for the lock, but he defends himself against DiBiase and hit a clothesline that is awesome good for a two count.

Dibiase tries to Dream Street, but Bryan is able to counter and climbs in the corner, forcing a situation Dibiase anchor. Dibiase puts out, but clings to the dream million. Bryan battles on but he was immediately handed over by DiBiase. DiBiase took Bryan to the corner and buries his shoulder into Bryan midsection before placing it on the top rope. Bryan slides under an attempt Superplex Dibiase and finally perched on the rope instead. Bryan connects with a nice wide angle Superplex back, and he immediately returns to the holding shoulder before going for a pin. Bryan gets only two, but tries to go straight into the lock Labell, only Dibiase slingshot him into the corner. Dibiase tries for a quick pin, but Bryan fighting on, locks in the lock Labell, Dibiase and forces the tap.

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