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June 21, 2010 by USA Post 

IOS 4 Release TimeIOS 4 Release Time, IOS4 –  ZDNet — Available today, Monday, June 21 at 10 am PST at the following address, you will have access to some new features.
Is not Apple a great company?
Just before June 24 release of four iPhone they make it possible for those who already have an iPhone 3 GS to enjoy some of the new features that the iPhone 4G will contain.
The downloadable iOS4 you will have the following things cool:

Apart from the application boasted interface switching and video telephony iPhone FaceTime 4, almost all applications and services are currently in the iPhone platform / ipd be given new functions. A walkthrough on Tibb blog covers all aspects of the version 4 update, which was previously called the iPhone OS.

Here are some things that caught my attention:

Bluetooth Keyboard Support
You’ll get tired of telling us “as IPAD” but remember when you said spring new iPad would be important news comes from the new iPhone was? You have been warned for a reason. iPhone Receives iPad the Bluetooth keyboard. Thank you God for that.

Sure, the 4 iOS features depend on the ability of the model material. Support for the Bluetooth keyboard works only on 3G iPhone and iPod touch G3 (2009) and above.

There are also changes in the calendar. According to the article, Apple will open the schedule for third party developers.

This means that you can soon see applications where you can buy tickets to a local movie show times and automatically added to your calendar.

A feature that is now available for iPhones is now configured authentication code. For the rest of us, the lock current code is a short 4-digit PIN. With IOS 4, all users benefit from this feature.

This means that you are no longer dealing with a 4 digit pin, but can now create passwords anymore with variations much larger. Of course, more, more varied passcodes are more difficult to remember and enter, but the cost of good security

All the talk of the IOS 4′s multitasking is a bit exaggerated – the iPhone and iPad do not get the full history multitasking in Mac OS X. As the Apple Developer site intro explained earlier, there are seven multi-tasking API available:

-Background music – Allows your application for streaming audio. Thus, customers can listen to your application while they surf the Web, play games, and more.
-Voice over IP – VoIP Your application can now be even better. Users can now receive VoIP calls and have conversations using another application. Your users can even receive calls on their phones are locked in their pocket.
Location-Context – navigation applications can now continue to guide the users who listen to their iPod, or using other applications. iOS 4 also provides a new and effective way to monitor battery location when users move between cell towers. This is a great way for your applications of social networking for tracking users and places of their friends.
Push Notifications – Receive alerts about your servers remotely even when your application does not work.
notifications-Local – Your application can now alert users of events planned and alarms in the background, no servers needed.
Work-finishing – If your application is in mid-task when your client leaves, the application can now continue to run to complete the task.
app-switching Fast – All developers should take this. This will allow users to leave your application and go back where they were when they left – no more having to reload the application.

Of course, that customers will notice first is the application of fast switching and interface. Not only will users be able to switch between applications, but they can experience the persistence, the U.S. economy application. Now, when applications close, they really close. If you need to go back where you were were, then you must make some kind of bookmark. This behavior may be good for the content of style books, but not for a game.

Some developers tried to add the continuation of their own, saving you when you got back better than previous OS versions allowed, but most do not – especially games that exacerbates the telephone when you pull up unexpectedly them. Also, if you close an app and went to the other, you could theoretically be stuck or slide back and forth between pages 11 home screen.

saved state is now integrated iOS 4. If you go by their current state Apps stored in memory and if / when you come back, save the app controls memory and resumes from that state.

* You will be able to perform multiple tasks
We often complain that the iPhone could not open multiple applications simultaneously, you were force to close before opening another.
Well not anymore, you can check your e-mails while listening to the radio or using your GPS.

* You will be able to better organize your mail and folders
You can now put all your e-mails from multiple accounts in a single box, or in separate boxes.
In addition, you can create folders by simply dragging an application to another.
They will be automatically created and named after the category selected applications. For example, grouped under a single icon: photo editing, cooking, newspapers and magazines …

* You will be able to read books.
Thank you to the application iBook, you can buy books on iBookstore, and play them on your iPhone.

* You can have your personal screen
Tired of the old black screen?
Well now you can finally choose your own wallpaper.

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