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February 10, 2011 by USA Post 

Ipad 3, (AP) – Katie Elenberg took her doctor’s orders for bed rest in stride, especially since his first day of maternity leave coincided with the birth of his iPhone. “I was lying on the couch by my door every day waiting for FedEx trucks,” laughed the pregnant mother from her home in Moorhead, Minn. “Getting the iPhone is the highlight of my day. ”

Elenberg, who works as a graphic designer in Fargo, is among the thousands who have become eligible for the iPhone when AT & T DEAL exclusive to the Apple gadget ended this week. Previously excluded from the club iPhone because of AT & T coverage at best unequal in that part of the country, cell phone users in parts of Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming can now get the phone by largest country in mobile phone provider, Verizon Wireless.

Verizon said the day it began accepting online orders for iPhone with existing customers – including Elenberg – produced record sales. The phone will be available to the public on Thursday.

Verizon officials would not release figures on presales, but the manager of an outlet of North Dakota said interest was steady ahead of Thursday’s deployment.

“The demand is certainly there. Many people have been waiting for, “Barry said Stall, who runs a store in south Fargo.

Preston Stahley, a web developer in Billings, Mont., Heard people would be camping in stores Wednesday, saying it “sounds a little crazy.” Stahley, 29, preordered the iPhone and received Tuesday.

“I was waiting for a good time sorting,” he said. “I did not redo my (cell phone) contract for a couple of years because of all the rumors that were to come and go.”

Bob Kelley, regional director of public relations for Verizon, said Wednesday that its store managers in Montana were too busy with the rush to the iPhone before giving interviews to the Associated Press.

Elenberg delivery of its much-anticipated iPhone that she knows he has arrived “at 3 o’clock” Monday afternoon. In half an hour, she had transferred his contacts and set up your voicemail. It was “2 seconds away “from closing their old phone when she was contacted by the AP.

“This should be the last call on my Blackberry,” she said.

While one fellow Elenberg, 39, Janelle Kistner said the iPhone is on its “wish list”, another said she was willing to wait for the two-year contract on his current telephone due in August.

“I’m in North Dakota. I think that’s the way he should go, “said Beth Hagemeister, 37, of the long and agonizing wait for the iPhone. “It was frustrating.”

Libby Hall, 25, owner of an iPhone when she moved from Minneapolis to Fargo in 2009 after her husband was accepted to graduate school. She jokes that one of its conditions for agreeing to the move is that it would be able to keep the phone, despite the limited service.

“It makes it much harder to convince people from outside the state that Fargo is really a modern urban center where we do not even have the iPhone, four years after its introduction,” she said.

Hall, who works for advertising and public relations, said many of his friends and colleagues chose an Android instead of waiting for the iPhone. She said she has a lover of all things and that Apple likes the way the iPhone syncs with the rest of its aircraft.

“I have an iMac, iPod shuffle iPad, and an old iPod which has been one of my Apple devices first. My husband has a Mac laptop, iPod touch and iPod shuffle, “Hall said. “Our house could be a commercial for Apple.”

Ludvik Herrera, 39, a multimedia specialist in Fargo, said he travels abroad regularly and Verizon offer limited international service. He said he did not buy the iPhone if AT & T is expanding its service in its region.

Amy Grundman, a spokesman for AT & T Regional, said his company is on track “to launch the service in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota in early this year.

Verizon and AT & T, the company of the nation’s largest telecommunications, have long disputed the coverage maps on the other, resulting in a TV ad war tit-for-tat and lawsuits that were later dropped. Verizon has more coverage home network that AT & T does, especially for the older “3G” wireless broadband. Spokeswoman Karen Smith says the company plans to match the coverage with an acceleration of its “4G” network by the end of 2013.

Not all fans of Apple iPhone are a convert.

HP took the cover of its next-gen mobile strategy yesterday and unveiled the 9.7-inch touchpad, a tablet of 1.6 pounds with a 1.2 GHz processor Snapdragon dual-core running webOS off – the same operating system used newer Palm products – 1024 x 768 display resolution, as the iPad, Beats Audio with Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML5 support. The company also announced two smartphones webOS, the 3.6-inch front Veer 3 and 2.6-inch. The 3 Pre sports a sliding QWERTY keyboard and 1.4 GHz Qualcomm, while Veer has a 5 megapixel camera and 8GB of memory. Synergy “Touchstone” feature allows the information from similar devices by tapping together. Fortune senior writer Michael Copeland has spent some quality time with Touchpad yesterday and walked away impressed, showing the polished OS and user interface.

IPAD 3 – yes, 3 – can happen sooner than you think. While IPAD is the subject of much speculation, sources indicate the TechCrunch Tablet third generation Apple could launch as early as September, and not just because Daring Fireball John Gruber has recently guessed. Whereas the two iPad may be what the iPhone 3G was the iPhone 3G (ie. a bump smaller equipment), the 3 iPad would be a real game changer this year. “I’m sure Apple sees the potential and challenge high,” Gruber wrote. “They will not leave any gas in the tank pushing the hardware specifications iPad forward as quickly as possible.” (Daring Fireball and TechCrunch)
The new shelves just keep on coming. Not one to be completely outdone, the 16GB version of the playbook BlackBerry will hit Office Depot and Staples for a competitive price and 499 are late March or early April.

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