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Indiaresults, The only two countries in the world that each has a population of over one billion are India and China, and there is corruption in both. However, the difference is that even dishonest officials in China are seeking ways to implement the policies adopted in the process, make some money on the side. However, in India, so the huge army of corrupt politicians and officials are concerned, all the objective of the decision-making is to make money. In the process, if something good is done, it is entirely accidental. Thus, while in China making money is a byproduct, with the focus being on ensuring the outcome in the case of India, the results are the (rare) of products. The only purpose behind every decision is to make money, much of it as possible.

During the first five years of the Sonia Gandhi-led United Progressive Front government in New Delhi, then Union Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram (now Union Minister of Interior) greatly increased the powers of tax collection and regulatory agencies, so that in these days, which are as inexplicable to the public operatively as was the case during the years when India was ruled by the East India Company. The stock market regulator – the Securities and Exchange Board of India, or SEBI – spends a lot of orders that either bar some companies from doing any work or help others in theirs. The album, there seems little justification for any step, so clearly the real reasons are likely to be invisible to the nkd eye. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) curry goodwill in the financial markets in the European Union (the only place that the team Colonial, the RBI from time to respond to higher level) by repeatedly raising rates interest and inflation accelerating very professing to reduce them.

The top brass RBI is well aware that in an economy like India, with many supply distortions, increase the interest rate will have no effect on rising prices. However, as a union for the big banks (all of them are happy in the regime of high interest rate to cover its inefficiencies), the tug ensures that Indian companies get to pay much higher interest than their overseas competitors. Naturally, foreign entities – the beneficiaries of the policies promoted – are full of admiration for the producer. A former governor, Yaga Reddy (who was known for his eagerness to raise interest rates) even wrote a book in which he implied, but for the daily increase of the sun, all the positive things that took place in the economy of India during his time in office was because of his policies.

A modest man, Reddy Chidambaram paid particular attention to taxes, making the Indian taxpayer’s individual tax highest in the world. For example, with multiple charges, the price of petrol in India is much higher than anywhere else in the world. There are several thousand separate taxes in India, many of which are collected by the Department of Revenue taxes. The “democratic” Chidambaram made safe to ensure that ordinary people (those without access to the big boys of the Congress Party) would have zero rights vis-à-vis the department, which has now become known for its intimidation and extortion of foreign policy, individuals labeled as tax-evaders at will, but turning a blind eye to corruption within the scale Everest Chidambaram own party, which some zealous officials in London to open a few days ago, when met with the details of the payments allegedly undeserved by the Commonwealth Games organizers to a small company in the UK. This revelation was followed by a spate of other, revealing scam after scam in the disbursement of more than 5 billion and for the Games, a luxury unthinkable in a country where more than 200 million people go to bed hungry, even as million tonnes of rotting in landfills foodgrain storage of government to maintain high market prices for grain speculators some well connected.

Although it was unnaturally quiet during the UPA-1 (2004-2009), standing to one side as scam after scam was carried out within the government he headed, the Prime Minister who has emerged after the victory of Congress in 2009 is a different person. An honest man himself, Manmohan Singh, has refused to allow the guilty to escape exposure. In fact, several of the most recent revelations of corruption within the facility of the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi have come from government channels. These days, VVIPs more and more people are being exposed and held accountable for corruption. The prime minister seems to have decided that enough is enough, and that if he wanted to protect his legacy, he had to go after the big fish and not – as Sual – throw a few small fish to the public. In what is called the 2010 Games Corruption, tapes were hired for only 45 days for R 9 lakh, when even the best cost only Rs 4 lakhs to buy directly. At a huge cost, a blimp will go around the Stadium games, graphics, video of the ceremonies. All sorts of entities unknown abroad have paid large sums of money for tasks that even a village idiot can do with ease. If the media revelations are correct, and of $ 5 million and more than 3 billion may go to the pockets of a few VVIPs.

These are now frantically searching the Prime Minister to escape with the loot, but there are indications that Singh is determined to clean the rot, but in the process, some of his own party people show up as corrupt. Although more than 2 billion and is supposed to have been spent in Delhi, the reality is that the city is still as dysfunctional as it used to be. Traffic is a disaster, power continues to close, while the water gets mixed with sewage before reaching home, presumably a device to control the population. The only work has been commendable in the Delhi Metro, which has been on the new routes and work with reasonable efficiency. However, the Commonwealth 2010 (sorry, corruption) Games seems to have become a curse rather than a blessing, largely because most of the stadiums are located in the heart of the city. The reason for this decision was to ensure that the stadiums VVIPs reach their homes in less than 20 minutes, escorted by the fleets of police cars. Stadiums have been outside densely populated areas, the city would have become the nightmare it is today, but in India, the decisions made only by having the convenience of VVIPs, of course, in the man’s name common. If the PM manage to succeed in its mission to ensure that the culprit behind the Games are filled, the nation owes a huge debt of gratitude. However, it is still early, and the pressure of a cover-up is growing.

This columnist has no doubt that the ISI plans and tries to perform several actions to weaken India. However, none of these – but all must succeed – have the same negative effect on the prospects of India as corruption. The philosophy of basing decisions on personal interest and financial greed has penetrated the system, even in matters as vital to the country as the hiring of Defense. The revelations about the Olympics only highlights this. The only difference between today and the British Raj is that then, the booty was carried out by foreigners. These days, the dacoits are Indian citizens themselves, of course, help several unscrupulous foreigners to make money. Only a handful – like Manmohan Singh – have been freed from the dirt. The question is: can they stop the rot? If India is becoming an economic superpower, the prime minister will have to choose between the interests of the common man \ and that of the VVIPs, and continue down the path you take, to seek accountability. In October, the Commonwealth Games will take place. When finished, there will still be 200 million people go to bed hungry every night in India.

The author is Vice Chairman of Manipal Advanced Research Group, UNESCO Peace Chair & Professor of Geopolitics, Manipal University, the state of Haryana, India.

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