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Inception EndingInception Ending:(Vanityfair) — The most talked-about movie of the summer is, without doubt, MI Christopher Nolan. The funny thing is that most people do not even really know what is about to Start. All I know is I want to see it. As a service, given that most moviegoers have no idea what is in store for them, we went to the red-hot rumors about the film and, very cautiously, to avoid ruining the movie for you Try to answer all the questions you may have about creation.

Q: Is it me, or Warner Bros. has been extremely secretive about home?

A: It’s not just you.

Q: You do not appear to be as talkative as usual. Is there a representative of Warner Bros. in the room with you as you write this?

A. Um, no. Not at all. Nothing to see here.

Q: Do you remember our keyword if you’re in trouble?

A: Yes, it’s “buttercup.” Buttercup.

Q: What is creation?

A: Home is the act of invading someone’s dreams for the sole purpose of planting an idea. It is the opposite of extraction, which is the process by which the information meets important from the subconscious of the subject. Inception is considered by some to be impossible, because it tells the inceptee has an uncanny ability to track planted the idea back to the person who planted it. For example, if someone says “Do not think about elephants, elephants can think of, but this fails as creation, because the author-the person who ordered him not to think about elephants” can be traced to the source too ease.

Q: Wait, you lost me to “invade the dreams of anyone.”

A: In the world of creation, invading the dreams of a person to extract information for profit is quite common.

Q: As Freddy Krueger?

A: Not really. The victim must be close and connected to the same machine as all invaders are hooked into. Much more technical than supernatural.

Q: Well, if it is so common, people are not in possession of valuable information to be prepared against the invasion of sleep? Moreover, instead of “pullers” will refer to them in the future as Warriors ‘dream’?

A: Of course. And some of them are ready. This is why the exhaust … Sorry, the “Dream Warriors,” as Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), uses a system of a dream within a dream to trick the victim into thinking he has raised, although he has not done so. Finally, try the trick is a dream within a dream within a dream is. What some think, can not be done.

Q: This is the second time you’ve listed one act that can not be done in the world of creation. Well, these acts can be done?

R: Buttercup.

Q: When I die in my dreams, I wake up. What happens to these people when they die in your dreams?

A: It depends. Normally, if they die, they get up. When they try to go through several layers of dreams within dreams, the sedative used for the experiment is so powerful that if they die in sleep, they enter a state of limbo in his mind. (Cobb does not tell his fellow warriors that dream until it’s too late to turn back.) When the warrior dream is now in the frame, the only thing that can wake them up is something called a “kick” that basically is the act of falling in real life.

Q: That’s very misleading Cobb. Is it a good guy or bad guy?

A: None, really. It is basically a mercenary who can not return to the United States because of a standing order for his arrest for suspected murder of his wife (Marion Cotillard). His projection of his wife often invades the dreams is working on its mission and is altered.

Q: Is it guilt?

A: Acorn!

Q: So, the dead wife of Cobb is entering their dreams. Wait, does that mean …

A: Acorn! Buttercup!

Q: What exactly is the mission of Cobb?

R: Cobb was hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe) to plant the idea in the mind of a rival businessman, Fischer (Cillian Murphy), to break the giant conglomerate is about to inherit from her dying father. If Cobb and his team are successful, the burden of murder Cobb disappear.

Q: Wait … to rich Japanese businessmen have the ability to have the charges against the accused murderers of U.S. fell with a single phone call?

A: Yes I do. (It is not home!)

Q: What do we know about Cobb?

A: Not much, but this may be by design. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the right hand of Cobb, who teaches the protégé of Cobb (Ellen Page) how to use his skills as an architect to create and modify the structures of the dreams of your post.

Q: Gordon-Levitt is versed in architecture? So this is a sequel (500) Days of Summer?

A: This seems to be a very different kind of architecture. Page specialty is creating labyrinthine worlds in the subconscious of a person.

Q: This movie sounds very complicated. What if I’m not very smart, I am yet to go? I like to think of movies.

A: You have to think. But many people are selling the building as a movie too complicated to understand. Not at all. A seventh-grade education should suffice. And that’s the beauty of the direction of Christopher Nolan: It’s a complicated story, but presented in a way that is very easy to follow. The film is Nolan rules and adhere to those standards. The first Mission: Impossible film is about ten times more complicated. Put it this way: I graduated from a state school Big XII and never confuses me.

Q: Home is being considered as El Salvador for a summer season very bad movie. Well, right?

A: Home is very good. But living up to the hype will be difficult for several reasons.

Q: Does that mean that advertising is not it?

A: Well, it depends. Part of it is true. Do you have an example?

Q: I heard that Home whales is one summer movie experience satisfactory.

A: Oh, okay Yeah, that’s reasonable. I’d say that’s true.

Q: I heard that watching Initial cure cancer.

A: Um, I’m not so sure. Although, personally, can not refute that watching Initial cure cancer.

Q: I heard that when they finally make first contact with aliens, we will initially show to prove our superior intelligence as a species. I have heard that we fully expect foreigners to surrender to us because of our brilliance.

R: I have no answer for this.

Q: If you are going to be advertising blurb for the home, what do you think will?

A: “I personally can not refute that watching Initial cure cancer!” Mike Ryan, Vanity Fair.

Q: Home is the final touch?

A: buttercup!

Q: Well, let me rephrase: Beginners do not have a satisfactory ending?

A: Let’s say that any movie from Christopher Nolan does not stop with clones Drowning is a successful conclusion.

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