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October 14, 2010 by Post Team 

I Spit On Your Grave 2010, Title: I Spit on Your Grave Director: Steven R. Monroe, already known for SyFy Channel “classics” such as Wyvern Twisters and ice. Cast: Most of the people you’ve never heard of, and Tracey Walter (“Miller” Repo Man) that only men of the film non-rapist. Note using the random objects on the film: Two of the five garden shears. Slogan: “It is night now.” Better Slogan: “You’ll never be ashamed of having a pns.” Brief Synopsis: A woman brutally assaulted by trailer trash and law enforcement, requires bloody revenge inducing nausea.
Not so brief Synopsis: Jennifer is a novelist who come from countries bayou to write his new book. It goes against Johnny, Stanley, and Andy, the local triumvirate of good ole boys (and Matthew, the man with an intellectual disability they obviously keep young people around fun). And by “going against” I mean, “made the mistake of asking his way.” After enduring a night of sexual assault at their hands (and those of the local sheriff … top that, Bellaire PD), she manages to escape, returning a month later to face his tormentors in the most satisfactory for a modern audience.

Advantages: Unlike original director Meir Zarchi, Monroe has actually held a camera before, not foreign observers movie finally get to see male genitalia on the big screen.

Disadvantages: The public reaction to the scene where Matthew is finally forced to “take turns” going to do you want for a rogue asteroid to wipe out humanity once and for all.

“Critical” Analysis: This is a remake of the famous 1978 film originally – and ridiculously – titled Day of Women. It was worn at its output (Roger Ebert called sitting in one of the most depressing experiences of his life), but found foot worship in later years as a history of alleged women’s empowerment.

None of this is presented here. The remake is “better” (meaning worse) in a way: The prelude to the assault itself is atrocious. Hearings in 1978 may have had an idea what they were for, but there is no ambivalence here. Johnny and his pals toy mercilessly with Jennifer, and we, for 30 minutes solid. If there is anything at all to recommend ISoYG is clever manipulation of Monroe of our terror.

This version is also “bad” (meaning better) when it comes to the assault itself. The naive approach Zarchi became legendary, as he was essentially a fixed camera filming 20 minutes of horrible violence. Monroe uses offbeat and plans to blur the water to some of what Jennifer is durable (the scene is thankfully shorter than the original).

All this is just the prologue unpleasant to “torture the audience is really btchin here to see. In this department, the new version definitely surpasses the original … if you want to call it. Audience members noted piercing the boat in the remake was not a speedboat, which played a key role in the original. Do not worry, Jennifer is a kind of creation (she is a writer, after all), and comes with a number of punishments grotesque and satisfying.

Naturally, in the post-Saw, simply cut side of a guy out of the tub did not have the same punch as 30 years ago. Do not worry; desserts rapists were simply updated accordingly, with Jennifer using everything from bear traps, laundry and garden shears. There is also a variation of man Centipede we’ll go ahead and call “ass shotgun.”

One aspect that – with the painful period that preceded it – keeps me from totally panoramic ISoYG is the fate of the character of the film’s only child, daughter of Sheriff Storch. That is to say, there is absolutely up to us to decide whether to let Jennifer go … or something. Another movie might have given a public relief to see reunited with mom at the end. We are left hanging, but what gives I Spit on Your Grave (very) little more emotional heft.

Audience Reaction terrible. I understand there are a number of walkouts, when the first screening back in the day, but we obviously have become so inured to brutality film, we can laugh when a man with intellectual disabilities are forced to commit sexual assault, as we did when our 8th grade English teacher showed Zefferelli Romeo and Juliet and we saw our first bub. I almost wished for a suicide bomber from entering the theater.

See It / Rent It / Skip It: Skip it, unless your legs are sore from kicking puppies and you need to sit for a few hours.

I Spit on Your Grave is in theaters today. Check with someone you do not have a very good opinion already.

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