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August 20, 2011 by USA Post 

Hp Touchpad 9Hp Touchpad 9, My friends, oh, my friends! The things I wrote and then deleted from this column! Words like “jerk,” “cretins,” “Paltroons” and “cowards”! And then, phrases like “washed four sons of btches” and “unfortunate, the needle collar idiots cowards!” Ido, all of them.

I can not, however, eliminate the foot when I learned that Hewlett-Packard was killing tablet TouchPad less than two months after its release and while still was announced and promoted aggressively:

“Apple, you have my blessing to be complete [nickname for Richard, plural] about this,” he said. “Go ahead and email pictures of butts HP. You deserve it.”

No, none of these reactions is appropriate for a technology columnist. But if I had recently bought a TouchPad and 499, I just used this as a first amuse-bouche of the diatribe . . . while preparing to download large amounts of saliva, bile, venom, and other unspeakable in body fluids and snack rounds HP entry.

As HP has made to consumers . . . oh, yes, they deserve it. There are people who eagerly bought a touchpad on the first day it was released in their countries, and then became orphans less than 48 hours later. That is wrong.

I am extremely disappointed that HP TouchPad never gave the chance to find its legs. But it could have been the only sensible option available. The problem was that buyers were not so damned TouchPad screw some more. This week, AllThingsD reported that since the launch of the TouchPad in the U.S. 1 July, only 25,000 of the 270,000 units delivered to Best Buy HP had sold – and that figure does not even include the number of products were returned. And so, in its quarterly earnings call on Thursday, HP announced its “closing WebOS hardware” (ie, no more, no more phones TouchPad WebOS), ending a two-year saga in which the new mobile operating system won many fans and earned the respect of strangers, but never found the time Oprah.

HP left the door open to WebOS licensed to others telephone and those responsible for the tablet.

And I bet that if a coach called HP main draw (800-752-0900) and indicated that his company wanted to talk about the best to buy all the absolute unity, he or she will not have to wait and listen more than one verse of “Baby I’m a Want You” before talking to an overexcited member of senior management.

But I would be surprised if that happened.

A four-legged chair supports computers. You need a great hardware and operating system reliable, relevant. The third leg is a community of developers. Without these men and women, the computer has the software and cannot respond to the changing needs of its users. With them, you can balance on three legs enough to attract a user base, which complements the stability of its new platform.

At this point, developers note that WebOS twice damaged goods. It was created by Palm and has generated much enthusiasm among the community of developers, but Palm shanked his debut album and that the company never recovered. HP bought Palm webOS took a shower, shave and a hot meal. WebOS was praised as the key to the company to compete in the mobile space and even outlined plans to bake almost everything they sell, from laptops and desktop printers.

In May, the European leader Eric Cador HP even promised that the touch pad would be better to beat the iPhone to become the world’s number one tablet. He said the TouchPad become “number one again,” reminding us all that there are many members of the European Union, where hard drugs can be purchased and used openly.

And now, HP has also accommodate up WebOS, take a good swing, and shanked straight into the brush. It is true that a disproportionately high percentage of programmers did keep watching “Heroes” even after his first final of the season, but in general, are not a species notoriously stupid.

It’s a damn shame that the touchpad is dead, because it really was a pretty nifty device.

I had been using a sample of the last two weeks and was preparing a mixture, but generally optimistic and positive review.

TouchPad made me think of all the tablets in 2011 as if they were bands playing covers of music that was made famous by the iPad.

The BlackBerry playbook, told me, was like a public school version of the chorus of “Ring of Fire.” It was bold and took to it with a charm and energy that is hard not to like, but would not say it is professional grade stuff. All tablets were together as Android lounge singers make their way through Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald hits. You can copy the original notes, the majority, but it is clear that in no way understand the music. And overall, the experience leaves you with a deeper appreciation of the sophistication and expertise that made famous this thing in the first place.

I was determined to compare the TouchPad to the Sex Pistols version of “My Way.”

Yes, I promise you.

HP could not increase the distance of the iPhone’s touch pad Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious could distance the Frank Sinatra song. His work would not, could not have existed without the original to serve as a template. But throughout the WebOS / TouchPad experience, I saw in flower after flower, places an engineer looked at something in the IPAD and thought, “That’s fine, but what if we did as this time?”

A review of tit for tat would be a waste of time and mine. However, I cannot congratulate WebOS engineers’ to create a user interface that is easy to understand and made sense as an integrated unit.

The device itself felt a bit cheap in comparison with both the Motorola iPad and Xoom.

But that’s schtick HP. Usually not in the business of making top quality hardware. The competition to build ‘em low and high volume shipping pursued a company that was once known for solid products.

However, at first I could not recommend that people buy it. In its original list price of 499, which would grant the touchpad of a “good attempt”. You cannot compete with the iPhone by selling some not so good for the same price.

HP quickly cut the list price and up to 399 and immediately got interesting.

Then it became clear that buyers could combine shrewd deals and coupons and get it under and 350 and it were then became the TouchPad verrry interesting. Any halfway-decent color 10 “multitouch tablet with a big mail application, Web browser, the application Kindle, and even a bare third-party applications is highly competitive. The key would be for the touchpad to compete with Amazon’s Kindle instead of IPAD.

But those things just point to the reasons behind billboards and amazing HP on Thursday. WebOS The news was not just a single afterthought amid the piles of stultifying performance figures. Chloroforming TouchPad was only one step in determining the newly declared HP hardware out of business.

Yes, even the desktop and laptop companies. HP is likely to either sell its interest in hardware or money to retire as an independent business unit rather than killing those lines out, but the mere fact that HP no longer wants to be synonymous with PC hardware highlights the scope of the changes you are making to the company.

It is a simple case of keeping parts of the business are making the most money and have better future and to peel the rest. In recent years, HP has been buying companies that have proven much more lucrative than the Palm. Good buys are not what make the services, not products. Companies like EDS, bought in 2008, and the autonomy Corp., which violates a rule of logic, to accept a purchase of ten dollars billion this quarter, point the way: here in the post-PC, HP wants to be as IBM in the pre-PC. They want to be a great company that provides data services to other large companies.

Of course, I do not want to be number one builder volume of notebook computers. Not when the only way they can compete in this business is fierce selling them in atomically thin profit margins. The iPad only increased the pain for manufacturers of cheap PCs: it is demonstrably done with a piece of the market of low-cost computers. Unlike a laptop 399 and can rotate their hands, and a 499 iPhone is sleek, modern, sxy and very well done.

HP announced it would cancel its stock of touch panels as a loss of 100 million y. It is certainly possible that these touchpads 250,000 begins to hit the market at bargain prices. If I thought that was very interesting and TouchPad at 350, I think 250 and a fascinating and attractive offer on anything and 200. Assuming you continue to work with existing applications and never critical need for error correction.

However, the death of WebOS, and even the desire to exit the HP hardware business has to be qualified as killing Apple. HP is just the latest company to learn, through deep wounds, septic and multiple compound fractures, there is no market for tablet computers. There’s only consumer demand for the iPad. And although the so-called “Apple tax” is very real and is a serious impediment for many consumers, moral of the story of HP, one is likely to be more healthy for a company selling high quality hardware, unique a higher profit margin to keep chasing the lowest prices.

The only news from Apple in 2011 has not been on the record quarterly profit, its inability to make iPads fast enough to meet demand, or some kind of lawsuit has been about the Magic build new spaceship company Cupertino. Apple so successful over the past ten years that have exceeded their existing campus. So they are building a new intergalactic headquarters, in the form of a ring of huge glass in a newly planted forest. This ring is one and only big enough to house 13,000 employees. Apple is not the closure of its original campus in Cupertino; however, need as much space as possible.

The ring feels part of a plot of 98 acres of land that Apple bought Hewlett-Packard last year, after demolishing the buildings. HP no longer needed the space.

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