How To Get More Exercise

November 4, 2011 by staff 

How To Get More Exercise, The rate of obesity worldwide. Coincidentally, so is the pressure to look and feel good. Here is a basic guide to get some extra daily exercise and kill time. 1Clean home. This kills two birds with one stone. The house will look fabulous, and you too.

2Double stairs. An old, but a treat. If you work on the floor 31, down two or three floors below and walk it. Ideal for stretching your legs if you’re locked in an office all day.3Walk to work / school. On the other hand, if you catch public transport, get off a few stops earlier and thumpin walk.4Put on some songs and dance around. Will not even realize that you’re exercising! 5Take a team sport. Another Oldie. Meet new people and get exercise.6Go out of comfort zone. Try something new that just might enjoy.7Get some friends in the fun! Take a walk, change your everyday.8Play way with children. They will keep playing until satisfied, or until do.9When use the computer for long periods, stretch tight muscles and different and hold for 5-6 seconds. Good for abs.10Walk the dog / cat / ferret. Two birds again … The pet happy, and you exercise.11Play with older children. Have some fun from the old school with a jump rope, for example, or kick a ball around.12Go to extremes and buy a gym membership.13If can not go to a gym, going to the park with the kids or some friends and make your own obstacle course, around trees and walk on the equipment.14When, if near a road, a car game with different color. for example. Blue-do 2 jumps star, yellow, jump 10 times, red-do 2 jumps abdomen, white star-jump and a leap of abdomen. Make your own.15Make a game of things. The games are fun, cleanliness is not.16When to washing, walking around the clothing line, instead of swinging around it.

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