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October 19, 2011 by staff 

How I met your motherHow I met your mother, In its latest episode, How I Met Your Mother became very critical of the way technology is used in society these days, besides being critical of comedies in general. When you go down that road can be difficult to keep the laughs come at the same time implying. However, HIMYM is not a newb when it comes to making audiences laugh and great comedic delivery was commendable self-conscious.

Our arguments revolve around the old question, what is better: to know everything or have a little mystery in life? Ted is tired of being able to use the Internet to instantly learn everything about the women who date while Marshall and Lily have decided not to know the sex of your baby. The show wasted no time in showing how much the Internet at the touch of a finger as a species we have been neutralized. Remember what it was to have a disagreement about something and it took forever to fix it? As shown HIMYM now we can only see done in our smartphones.

I can easily imagine someone like Ted have a hard time with talking points, though the scene was a bit over the top. It is ridiculous that we can learn from someone without even talking to them. And some people enjoy it, as Barney and Robin, which act as crack team of professionals Ted Google search. Those few scenes we have of them dirt digging dates Ted had me hysterical (my favorite was Nadine, who gave Annie Hall 2 stars out of 5). In a nice little twist, the current date Ted, Janet, to be one of the most surprising (and intimidating) to women in the world and ruined by Ted checking the background of it.

Lily and Marshall history, running with Ted and the rest of the group painted a baby room in the gender-neutral yellow. This is a classic comedy plot, but it bounced in History Vs. “Mystery”, the theme will help you stand a little. We all knew that Lily and Marshall came to know that they are having a child, but I was happy to see they did their best to delay the surprise. Be revealed as a complete act of the universe was a pleasant revelation that if Lily and Marshall had just cheated and read the notes themselves.

Robin’s new boyfriend, Kevin (played by Kal Penn), fits in a little better than it did in previous weeks. Each new episode is that it seems a different character. At first it was a tool rather impatient, so he was a very professional therapist with an arrow. This week was a bl** jo* until I could not ignore the idiosyncrasies of our group lovable. As Kevin says, the band is co-dependent, socially awkward and strange denial of their relationships with others are. It is not the first time a comedy curiously noted that sitcom characters involved in each others’ lives (Community I’m looking at you), but usually plays in a way the world grows and is accepted madness. Here everyone just ignored it and acted as if nothing worked as well.

As with any episode of HIMYM, there were some gags that did not quite work, and I’m still very sold on Kevin. I have the feeling that his relationship with Robin is going to go south before it can even be the genesis of the changes announced in the dynamics of the group (first mentioned Ted’s future in “Duck Tie”). Overall, however, it was a very entertaining half hour and makes HIMYM season July 6-0 in my book. The most likely only jinx the show and next week will be a total train wreck. Yay!

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