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How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother, “How I Met Your Mother” season finale speak up as soon as the driver … From the “HIMYM” writers seemed so determined to hit on the head with the idea that the Arcadia was a metaphor for the relationship of Ted and Zoey, I’d like to believe that blowing the place and start again is a metaphor not only for that relationship, but also for many elements of the series. After recent events, however, I am very doubtful.

Honestly, I’m not sure where to start “Challenge accepted,” which bothered me a lot of different ways. So I will be friendly and open with some small pockets that I liked. Dave Foley made me laugh with his enthusiastic delivery of all lines on the gross atrocities environment was showing Marshall, and I hope to return next year as new head of Marshall. In fact, Marshall was the whole story quite right. I mean, sure, we expect everyone to think even once the question of whether it is morning sickness – and / or expected that tells us that neither Marshall or Lily grew up – that was silly, but enjoying the whole thing with Marshall what he thought were his last moments before vomiting had fun. And, as it has done all season, Jason Segel killed him with dramatic moments, first with Marshall’s rant about how this year just keeps getting worse and worse, then your reaction to the big news of Lily. Lily vomiting several times was not very funny in itself (I spoke on “Parks and Recreation” last week on the challenge of making a witty joke vomit, it was not that, even with the velociraptor sound effects), but in general – and especially compared to everything else in the episode – that worked.

But, oh dear lord the rest of the episode made me worse, to the point where he finished brushing my comments after this season to remind myself of the many episodes that I did quite similar. That’s how bad taste in my mouth these last two shows have left.

First, why more than Zoey? Why? Some of you suggested that last week’s episode was not the height with a slight Ted future promise of a spectacular rupture ugliness ugly because we would be getting even more this week. Nope, Zoey just feel sorry for herself, Ted pondering whether to take her back, slapstick, a very random cameo Chi McBride (*), a spectacular unpleasant “And kids, that’s how I met your mother … psych! Ted future joke, and a lot of wallowing in things that have not worked all season. Zoey started on the street last week, why spend it one more episode?

(*) See, I love Chi McBride and sense dramatically as well as television critic next, but if you are going to put in the episode, gave him something to do besides dubbing Ted “big fish.” Please. The man is very funny when they are allowed to be.

And while NPH and Cobie Smulders had a nice time in the back of the cabin where they were talking about their feelings for each other while pretending to talk about Ted and Zoey, I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the Robin / Barney / Nora triangle that is forming. I’m glad the writers seem to be willing to review the idea of?? Robin and Barney, which I think is the chance that bad last season, but I think I’m at a point with “HIMYM,” which are no longer disturbed by the mockery, or speculation about the joke. Though I wish women to marry Barney “A little further down the road” to be Robin, I do not begin toanlyze the scenes for clues, as the bays and Thomas have made clear they are going to drag along mysteries beyond the point where they are in any interesting way.

If Ted does not conform to the wedding of the mother until Barney, and if Barney Stinson – Barney was even able to have that conversation with Nora near the end of this episode – you will need some time to be plausibly that marry, then my guess is that the first we find the mother is late next season, and possibly not even until next season, as could easily see episodes this May is being built around the baby’s birth Lily and Marshall. Maybe find a way to run a convincing Barney the altar, but I doubt it.

And again, I do not care about the future anymore. The “HIMYM” episodes this season worked – I had to defend the show at a time when many of you seemed upset that I was not hitting once a week – were those moments in this, as the Marshall’s father died, or the present and past, as “Blitzgiving.” The show has not had a good relationship with the future for a while, where the tracks are often more fun payments, and / or when payments come so far in the line is useless. In the early days of the program, for example, I would be happy to know that Lily’s pregnancy has been established so we can see why Ted took the green dress in that scene in “The Theory of the siren, but I’m struggling to think about the last thing Ted said we would be cut sooner than when it was really enjoyed.

Someone asked me on Twitter the other day if I think the bays and Thomas laid to the critics who attended the meeting intimate little mea culpa in the press tour last summer. I do not think at all. I think he did say that season 5 did not work, and made efforts to do better this year – and sometimes succeeded. There were two good story arcs and the individual episodes this season and overall I think it was a significant improvement season 5.

At the same time, I think that Bays and Thomas gross error in the calculation with the lure of the Zoey history, did not know how to back it with grace. That is not fundamental sin, although many of them it was nice to see. But I would love to meet Mother now, because I think the show is going to continue writing other stories about Ted until he appears, and because, once again, the show has become much better at the time telling stories in the Timeline bending to their whims. And now that they have explicitly tied the game at Barney’s wedding (instead of Punchy, which could occur at any point next season), we still have to wait a bit to go (or Barney will need major personality transplant).

So … I do not know. I’ll be back in the fall, both for characters and for those episodes that the show works the way it used to. But my expectations are going to be modest, until or unless the writers decide that many of their games have outlived their usefulness and it’s time to move forward the show. Joe Adalian Bays said: “We are in the twilight series.” Renovation of two seasons definitely not mark the end but could easily. The other characters seem to be moving significantly. Lily and Marshall are going to have a baby. Barney is neglecting the affairs of his commitment and will marry at some point. In this last stage, not only is not going to ruin things if Ted met the mother, I think it’s best chance of the series to stay relevant with creativity in this twilight.

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