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How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother, For a show that plays with time so often, there is a jump time How I Met Your Mother has not used – until now. “This is the first time in the history of our program we are doing an end that is not set in May. We jump ahead to September, mainly at the start of next season,” co-creator and co-executive producer Craig Thomas tells “Ted tells his kids every minute of September to May and then says, ‘Oh, some things happened in the summer, but the month of September…” what is good this time we cover our final summer season. Hopefully when people see the end, they will not be super confused. ”

In September, Ted (Josh Radnor) is a great place in his life, only to be thrown when encountering Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), who broke in last week’s episode. Not very well itself, Zoey makes a surprising proposal to Ted: “I want to be together.”

“It’s that moment of weakness that everyone was like, ‘Suddenly, I feel extremely insecure. Should I return this?’” Says Thomas. “It’s the worst idea in the world, and Barney [Neil Patrick Harris] and Robin [Cobie Smulders] Ted have to stop at all costs. There address. There is no persecution. There detective-tion. It’s basically a race against the clock to stop Ted from committing a horrible mistake. It plays like an action movie. The episode actually takes place in an afternoon. ”

How I Met Your Mother of Jennifer Morrison: Ted and Zoey break is “very bittersweet”

That is, until the end when the show flashes forward to the future wedding seen in the season premiere, where Ted meets the mother starter. No, not yet meet with Mrs. Mosby, but we will find out the identity of one of the two people getting married. Adding to the guessing game is Nora (Nazanin Boniadi), which appears again in the life of Barney in a “brief, but important” appearance.

The show will give fans plenty to talk about during the summer, according to Thomas, not to mention creating a “great success” seventh season.

“This future wedding is one day too big for everyone in the group,” he says. “I can say that the ceremony has not taken place however, is just the wedding day What happens in the last two minutes is two minutes of my favorites we’ve done in the series … It’s really beautiful and touching and. big raises some new questions. [Help] us out gun a blazing “in season 7.”

How much drive do you have? Well, first, the writers did not break hiatus and still have plotted the November sweeps episodes. “I’m not even kidding!” Thomas says. “I will not say we have everything in between, but we have the release down and [Episodes] 7, 8, 9, 10, who has some nuclear propulsion is directly related to what happens in the end.”

Too much creativity was fueled by the renovation of two years of the program, allowing Thomas and co-creator and co-executive producer Carter Bays to focus on what could probably be the end of the Mother of two years. They have planned the last two minutes of Season 7, which – in addition to cope with the upcoming wedding, and more baby talk of Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) – is preparing for a busy year Robin-centric. “We will be seeing what your love life is about and its future is about,” says Thomas. “[Your crush played by] Michael Trucco will be back. There is some serious romantic intrigue in the life of Robin in the first half of Season 7.”

But what fans should expect the most for next season is surprisingly quick responses. Except, you know, that one.

“We will comply with [the mother] A little further down the road!” Thomas says. “But we are opening a new mystery in the final and we will not delay many of the answers, because the season 8 is probably the last season. The good thing is we have until the season 7 on our board and have emoticons to tag endings. … There are smiles hrdcore, Frownies are super sad and a lot of ‘holy dice. “And one [episode] few have more than one, so I think we’re doing our job! ”

While remaining open to move beyond the Season 8 – “still shocking us with the many stories they have to say” – Thomas knows the finish line is near.
“There is a very specific structure to last season. We need some time [if there is a season 9],” he says. “If How I Met Your Mother was a plane, which has begun its initial descent is final. If you are a fan, do not miss it.”

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