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HIYBBPRQAG, Hiybbprqag mbzrxpgjys and are just two random search queries that Google has used to catch cheating Bing Microsoft and Microsoft is not denying the allegations of Google, so far, according to reports.

Last year, Google had started to suspect that one of their biggest rivals Bing managed to collect search queries that were performed on Google and then export the results via Bing in its search results. So how did Microsoft get this bit of cheating? Well, we cannot be exactly how they did, but it seems likely that either Internet Explorer or Bing search toolbar was used to collect search queries performed on Google, for its users. With the information gathered, it was simply to copy the results more.

Google, of course, decided to go with a plan to take them in flagrante delicto and it seems they have managed to do just that. According to various sources, set up around a hundred different random search queries with no real meaning and produce little or no results. So of course, Google has created specific pages of their own and placed them in position number one for queries, even though they had absolutely no relation to the original query whatsoever.

The next step was to find people google to use their own machines at home using Internet Explorer or Bing search toolbar to perform search queries on Google for the random terms. Yes, you guessed it; some of these results began to appear in Bing later.

In what seems straight out of drama Michael Crichton Crime titans of technology, Google has accused Bing of copying and use of Google search results. Bait search term that Google uses hiybbprqag, next to no sense and results from each search engine, until that is, Google has decided to put some jars of honey in the mixture.

In an article published yesterday, Google said that Bing has been spying (e) using either the Internet Explorer toolbar or search bar Bing to see what people are searching on Google and they click on.

It starts to seem a little irritable. Let’s break down using something we can all understand … the competition for the school prom queen high.

Miss Google is the prettiest girl in school. She is supering popular and everyone loves her. She even gives free meals and gym memberships! Miss Bing is also attractive, but rather as one of seven out of ten people. She just got her braces off and is really excited that people are starting to notice. But it is not enough – Miss Bing wants more.

The two find themselves in the race for the Prom Queen and OMG, Miss Bing is panic. What an honor! She steals money from the bag of her mother and bought a pink dress Jessica McClintock at the mall and cannot wait for the big night. Miss Google, not surprised by her appointment and confident she will win, because with her boyfriend at a party at the college. But she is not stupid. She knows Bing is desperate enough to try something nutty. She feels it.

As Miss Bing walks in the room the next day, he approaches her Internet. “Psst. Hey. Bing. Over here. I have something to show you.” Miss Bing, delighted to talk to this guy hot, follows in that small room behind the gym.

“So, Miss Bing. Want to see who votes for Miss Google? Once you know, you could, like, their approach and to change their vote. “Miss Bing is excited. This is her chance! Mr. Internet reveals that, apparently, this family of octuplets in senior class, theHiybbprqag clan, voted a million times for Miss Google.

Miss Bing’s surprise, she has never heard of the family theHiybbprqag, knows what she has to do. She puts up posters around the school to request theHiybbprqag family to vote for her instead.

A-ha! Miss Google, knowing that Miss Bing was the use of the Internet as a data source Mr. consisting theHiybbprqag family! They do not exist! Miss Bing is completely dismantled for stealing information as Miss and Mr. Google Internet composed of catch in the act.

Miss Google wins the crown, Miss Bing and denies having done anything wrong. What is wrong to speak to Mr Internet? Is not right? Google does not own Miss Mr Internet? I think not!

So there you have it. Two pretty girls to fight to be queen of the ball. Miss Bing declined to comment and Miss Google can do everything that to get more publicity. Who knows? There is certainly more to come.

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