Health Risks Of Body System Cleansing Weaken Immune System Cardiac Stress

January 3, 2012 by staff 

Health Risks Of Body System Cleansing   Weaken Immune System   Cardiac StressHealth Risks Of Body System Cleansing Weaken Immune System Cardiac Stress, The effects of stress on our health is a major concern for most people living a holistic health lifestyle these days and even more so for individuals already living with a chronic illness or health condition.

For the average person it’s a critical point for preventing stress related illnesses from developing and for those already living with health problems it’s essential for managing their condition and preventing it from making things worse.

Stress occurs when the demands in our life exceed our ability to cope and it effects our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

On the emotional level it may lead to depression and anxiety, while on the spiritual level we may not feel connected, fulfilled or balanced, and on the physical level a variety of stress related illnesses may develop. There really isn’t any part of the body that isn’t affected by stress.

Stress can be positive or negative, but either one triggers the body’s biological stress response in the same way and the impact on the body, mind and spirit is the same.

It begins in the brain and then the body reacts like a roller coaster. The excessive demands are perceived as a threat, which signals the body to stimulate a surge of hormones which is the cause of the heightened state of alertness which accompanies the stress. That’s why you usually find you can’t sleep or relax while you’re in a stressed state.

Stress takes you up fast, but since the body can’t stay in this overactive state for too long your hormone levels plunge you back down just as quickly. This is when you experience the negative effects of stress.

Stress is an inevitable and normal part of life and the stress response works to our benefit in some cases. The increased energy your body generates when it’s under stress is necessary when you have an important deadline to meet or to increase reaction time under demanding circumstances.

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