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February 18, 2011 by USA Post 

Health Insurance Waiver, The legislature of the State of Washington reached a proposed compromise budget that would rise to 15,000 people loses their basic health coverage. Those affected by the cut are listed basic health are not eligible for matching funds from the federal government. The group includes seniors affected children, people do not benefit based on income level, and undocumented immigration status confirming their citizenship.

Basic Health is a program sponsored by the State of Washington, which provides low-cost coverage affordable health insurance through private health plans. To be eligible, individuals must meet certain guidelines:

Be between 0-200% of guidelines on federal income
Do not be eligible for free or purchased Medicare
Not receive the Washington Department of Medical Social Services (Medicaid)
Do not be institutionalized at the time of registration
Do not be in school full time in the United States on a student visa
Do not be enrolled in the Washington Health
Registrants must provide a valid Social Security number to maintain coverage, while those with proper documentation of legal immigration status may be eligible to maintain coverage without a social security number.

Previously, a social security number was not required for eligibility for Basic Health in Washington, but a new federal waiver providing matching federal funds to subsidize basic health and disability programs Lifeline requires SSN or documented legal immigration status. Letters were sent to registrants under the Authority of Washington health care, to inform those who did not have their SSN or immigration status to ensure they have the right information. The letters do not specify that registrants may lose their coverage if they have not responded, but since the letters were sent, the situation has changed. If registrants do not respond to their lack of information audit situations, they risk losing health coverage from February 28.

Four states have each received a waiver to exempt the health insurance law reform health care at the moment.

Exemptions health insurance issued to the States of Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and the Obama administration, covers 900 health plans serving 2.4 million people, the New York Times.

Health insurance companies in states that have received the waiver may continue to offer the same types of benefits as they did before, the report notes.

Steven B. Larsen, director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Supervisory, told the Times that the exemptions allowing many consumers to keep their coverage.

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers have criticized the decision to distribute the exemptions, saying that if these states need exemption, the law does not work.

Stearns broke the law, saying it unfairly put pressure on the private sector and government interference represented.

“Today marks the beginning of what the public voted for in 2010: a real and sustained monitoring of the federal takeover of the health care industry, he said, the newspaper said.

Larsen told the Journal that the exemptions were issued to deal with a small amount of health plans have annual limits on benefits. In 2014, the law of health care is to remove these plans, he added.

“The primary objective of this waiver program is to ensure that Americans do not lose their health coverage before better health insurance options available in 2014, he said.

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