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Hcg Diet, The popular medical HCG weight loss plan is based largely on two factors – a diet extremely low in calories and taking a supplement of hCG. The plan promises weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day, but is it really safe?  As Dr. Oz said on his show today, the HCG diet has been around since the 50s. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy to help ensure the fetus has the nutrients it needs. It is claimed that hCG promotes weight loss by suppressing appetite and help the body burn fat. Dieters need appetite suppressants because they only eat 500 calories a day, which many doctors concerned about the security of the regime.

According to Dr. Oz, if the products that claim to have hCG are readily available in health food stores and online, many do not really have the hormone. For the high dose should be prescribed by a doctor. After 50 years, there is still no medical research showing that hCG prevents you from being hungry, even though many swear by it. hCG is approved by the FDA, but as a fertility drug and not to lose weight.

Dr. Oz talks to Dr. Sheri Emma which prescribes the plan and asked why it was necessary to eat so few calories and how people can survive by eating so little. She said it was better to bring people to their ideal weight as soon as possible rather than dragging out the process of losing weight. In addition, Dr. Emma said that people can take in 500 calories a day, but they have energy stored in their fat burning body to keep running.

HCG Doctor announces the launch of a new group of interactive websites on some of the most talked about, blogged about, revolutionary new treatments for depression, foot care, and surgery of the spine, and a plan revolutionary who changed people’s lives.

The country has experienced the devastating effects when psychiatric medications are not properly prescribed to a patient without instruction. The following sites as part of introducing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a treatment recently approved, non-invasive, first-line treatment for depression.

Included in this release are the following sites:

Medicines for depression:

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HCG Doctor also announced the launch of a new group of interactive websites on foot health, common conditions on foot, and foot care for diabetics.

These sites content and media-rich cover some of the most sought for the foot and podiatry topics, including:

Details the most common injuries and hazards faced by diabetic patients, and outlines the proposed treatments. Provides advice to diabetic foot care for – parts of the body most often affected by diabetes, and lists the warning signs of developmental problems.

Guides care pre-and post-operative, what you expect from your foot surgery and a list of non-surgical options one of the most common ailments of the foot that require our surgeons? treatment is explained A Guide to Foot Care provides preventive care and daily hygiene techniques for the most beautiful feet A visit to a podiatrist Brooklyn

HCG Doctor is also pleased to launch a collection of 37 sites each stressing the spine surgeries common, complete with animations, photos and detailed information on what a patient expect the election to undergo treatment each.

Anterior cervical discectomy: http://ANTERIORCERVICALDISCECTOMY.INFO

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Spine surgeons NJ: http://SPINESURGEONSNJ.INFO

Thoracic laminectomy: http://THORACICLAMINECTOMY.INFO

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One of the most safest and most effective to lose 30 pounds quickly is the HCG diet. This doctor supervised diet has been shown to help thousands of people lose 1-3 pounds of fat per day. The following sites in particular to explain the various aspects of weight loss all natural protocol with concise, easy to understand information, answer questions most frequently asked by patients contemplating food.















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