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May 19, 2011 by staff 

Harold CampingHarold Camping, He is the Joe Namath of street vendors the day of the trial, but the risks are much greater than the Super Bowl III. Harold Camping, the Christian evangelist, aged 89, of Oakland, California, whose familiar radio broadcasts are heard in 61 languages, not just think that Judgement Day will arrive on Saturday. He guarantees it.

“It’s absolutely going to happen,” said the camp, which has determined after five decades of Scripture that the study of May 21 marks the beginning of the end. “We have no plan B at all. There is no chance that it will not happen, because all our information comes from the Bible.”

So if you have not made peace with God, to cancel his weekend plans, camping, he says. Forget the Phillies against Rangers at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday. Ignore the five-day forecast. And no matter whom you vote in the upcoming elections. Candidates are not going to get to the November general election. Nobody will. The earthquake that hit Japan in March will be a mere blip compared to seismic catastrophic earthquake rumble across the globe on Saturday, arriving at Philadelphia about 6 hours, according to Camping and his legion of fans from here to China.

Millions of people die on the first day and an earthquake “as it was not like the men were upon the Earth” will “throw open all the graves, the remains of believers are” instantly transformed into a glorified spiritual body forever with God “Camping has written in their brochures.

And unrepentant sinners? Prepare to live in a world of horror and chaos beyond description “which runs until 21 October when everyone and everything will be wiped out completely.

“Until the day the trial begins, God teaches us that he is still saving people,” said the camp in an interview this week. “Call to God:” Oh, Lord, have mercy! Maybe you could save. Keep begging. ” We know what you’re thinking: Camping is a certified nut job. Preachers have been ranting about the fire and brimstone for nearly two millennia. Anyone can stand on a street corner and predict that the end is near.

But this is different. The fences have been erected throughout the world. SEPTA buses are wrapped in the prophecy of the campsite. Soccer moms have given their minivan in mobile advertising. Bumper stickers. T-shirts. Posters.

“It is the largest advertising campaign in the world,” said Robin Harper, 66, a former factory worker who drives a van with the family radio message. “The coming of God to bring trial, and this earthquake will be like any other earthquake. You want to warn their loved ones.”

People believe that the biblical calculations Camping. A lot of people. Normal people. Educated people.

As Ralph Workman, 50, of Landenberg, Pa., an engineer at Boeing helicopter plant in Delaware County and a manager of Family Radio caravan. It organizes a team that spreads message of camping in the hope of saving souls.

“People think we are a group of coots crazy, but we have a lot of educated people,” said Workman, a man even-keel, which is quick with a smile and patience with the skeptics.

Workman is exhausted the list of believers healthy, including a former commercial airline pilot, a doctor, a university professor and a mathematician.

“I’d be doing this full time if not for my wife,” said Workman, his sons, ages 10 and 12, at her side and her side of the debate. “She does not believe it and do not want to hear about that, but we are absolutely safe.

“Yes,” he said of his children. “We both believe. I’m very proud of them.”

Workman was one of about 150 believers on the Day of Judgement met in the basement of a union hall Delaware County, Pennsylvania, for “last Sunday” meeting of the Community Ebible, one of the many groups that are promoting Family Radio message.

One might expect that the place is full of fanatics brainwashing cult like Heaven’s Gate, whose members tied the new Nike sneaker brand and committed mass suicide in 1997 so he could board a UFO.

Or maybe find speaking in tongues or handling snakes. Because let’s face it, history has shown that the doomsday prophets have been disturbed and evil forever.

Instead, the union hall was full of diverse people who are rational and believe in something completely irrational. He took a sip of coffee and eat Dunkin ‘Donuts. They just want to save.

“People are very worried about us,” said Chris McCann, 49, Darby Township, Pa., who runs Ebible Scholarship. “They’re worried we’re going to drink the Kool-Aid. They’re worried it’s going to be a mass suicide.

“However, when the vast majority of people in the world do not look, and not listening to God, what have they done to themselves coming to May 21?” he asked the audience. “They took their own lives.”

McCann knows that much of the world is laughing at him. But he is confident last laugh as he is transported to heaven while sinners from the wrath of God. “The concern is, ‘what do we do when this does not happen?” He said. “It’s’ what will you do when you do?”

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