Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3

August 26, 2010 by staff 

Hard Knocks Jets Episode 3, The last time I left “hard knocks”, Rex Ryan was remembering the second and third teams on their performance mediocre, “Rex Ryan” speak, my mother will not let me repeat. Are the two by two “and” trios “become useful players, or they are nothing better than a mediocre college team like Notre Dame? Episode 3 starts to answer these questions, and also teaches us how training camp is no different from running a fraternity, unless you get paid.

Episode 3

Special teams, where the races are recovered, is where we started. David Clowney is trying to get some time playing on the punt coverage. It seems like yesterday that Jets fans were excited abut Clowney wide receiver, and now does not exist. I think the version was Clowney Patriots Chad Jackson. Today, Mike Westhoff is Clowney in the ear on the effort, hoping for Clowney to show some of the talents that Westhoff spoke in private. Westhoff Clowney believes has the talent to be a star. I thought the same thing about Hart Lee Dykes.

Training camp is also where the novice make his mark. Some, like the first-round pick Kyle Wilson, have impressed. Others, like Joe McKnight, no. This episode presents us with rookie Brian Jackson, who has to understand the finer points of defense of the jet. Compounding the problem, Jackson is not receptive to suggestions from the Jets secondary coach Dennis Thurman, including being shouted and called stupid. Jackson likes to “talk back”, which is a big no-no for rookies. Even Kris Jenkins manages not endorse and is not impaired enough time to plan a bit of rookie hazing for Jackson. After a lot of equipment, Jenkins grabs Jackson, the team tied, then proceeds to dump all of ice water to flour Gatorade on him.

“Hard Knocks” has a segment of Nice on Jets defensive tackle Ropati Pitoitua, who is in his second year with the team. At 6 feet 8 inches, Pitoitua is a beast of a man. He seems to be coming along in the camp and get noticed by coaches. Fast-forward to the second preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, where emotional drama HBO has been longing for: Pitoitua were carried off the field. His injury seems a tendon Achilli ‘tear. While we are well on television, it is impossible not to feel bad about Pitoitua. Nobody likes to see injuries (unless the Jets fans with Tom Brady – could not resist) and the price of these marginal rates to pay only for the computer is painfully evident here.

More “highlights” during the preseason game include a Jets offense that borders on the line between mediocre and horrible. The defense looks very good and special teams to take advantage of a Panthers punt return team you need to cut around the world and start again. Clowney recovered a fumble on special teams after hustling his way downfield. McKnight flashes some talent with the return of a large clearing, followed by looking as if about to vomit on the sideline. McKnight may not be in the best shape. Vernon Gholston also stands out with its defensive line play … On the second computer … I will temper my excitement.

Also of note, with no particular order:

No eating Rex Ryan fitting. I’m crushed. The good news is that the Jets went back to New York because I can only assume that Ryan ate everything in Cortland, NY

If I were a Jets fan, I’d like to stop showing HBO Bill Callahan. Any reminder of my team coach has destroyed the Nebraska football program and accurate crime ran against Jon Gruden Jon Gruden in the Super Bowl does not inspire confidence.

This week was the “Rookie Show”, the old-fashioned ritual of forcing the rookie to perform for veterans. I guess this is based the unity of the team or something, but I get the impression that the NFL team-building methods are trapped somewhere in the 30s. Also, continuing with the acquisition of experience, Brian Jackson wins “Ugly King” after the Fair Rookie. It is part of the team now!

After three weeks, I have the feeling that the drama about who is going to get is to reduce forced labor. The Jets are Super Bowl contenders and all the players who are on the cusp of unemployment never going to see the playing field. In a team like the Rams, there would be no drama, because almost everyone is a lack of talent. With the Jets, it just seems like filler.

The big winner after the Panthers was Chauncey Washington, who had a fumble that cause huge success on special teams and ran the ball hard in the second half. Still, it says here that Washington is cut, but he will get a game ball to remember.

Cue next week that Jay-Z & Alicia Keys song – the boys are back in town.

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