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Haori, The Central 46 pronounces Aizen sentence. His plan both conconqer World Soul Society and the man was completely unsuccessful. In a dark cave, Hitsugaya trains alone, thinking that he cannot protect Hinamori this way. Matsumoto looks, remembering Gin. So, Ichigo wakes up in a room with Orihime, Rukia, Chad, and Ishida are around him. Rukia said … its farewell and disappears gradually.

46 Central Court announced their decision; Aizen is trapped in the underground prison, the eighth lowest level of hell for 18,800 years
Aizen said that the decision they did is ridiculous, his sentence increased to 20,000 years
Meanwhile, Yamamoto: Outrageous! Losing a haori captain? Damaged or not does not matter, how is it missing? And what’s with this look on you guys to research if it does not matter?
Byakuya: Commander, do not worry, it’s just a haori cheap, I can forward
Yamamoto: I’m not worried about this, it is not cheap! Guys, think, tell me what is the meaning / of haori?
Byakuya: “interference!”
Kenpachi: “cheap products!”
Kyoraku “fashion / decorations?
Yamamoto: “You guys are not even an idiot!”
Ukitake two subordinates: “Commander looks healthy”
Ukitake said its been 10 days since the battle, even if Yamamoto lost his left arm, but he is in great shape, also the person who replaces him has not been in the SS at the moment. (A little confusing here. >. <) A passer is looking for Mayuri Hinamori treatment of the 12th Division troops, said Mayuri is in Hueco Mundo during his research in the cave, made jinzen Hitsugaya, Renji and Shuuhei is not in their actual house, they probably went to form Rangiku: “You disappeared like that… not even a relic left behind, so I hate you, but if I look. Your relic that you left behind, I guess from now on, I could not even move at all. You certainly do not want to see me in this form eh. Thanks Gin, that’s what I love you. ‘(With this sentence, yes. Gin seems dead for me) House Ichigo Orihime: “Ah!” Ichigo wakes up, it becomes normal hair Orihime: “kurosaki-kun” Ichigo: “oh. This is my room?” Rukia: “Yes it is, Kisame, you’ve been asleep for about a month” Orihime: “Everyone is soo quiet, I feel ashame to talk aloud” Ichigo: “1 month, oh yes. My power. ” Rukia: Ichigo, Urahara told me everything, you lost your power shinigami. “

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