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May 26, 2011 by Post Team 

Hangover 2 Reviews, Hangover 2 ReviewsThailand for what was supposed to be a quiet wedding. Of course, this is the Wolfpack, things are not going to plan, they wake up in Bangkok and soon the chaos and mystery (what is exactly what I did last night) begins again.

It’s a good premise for a comedy, allowing ample room for multiple crimes and raucous behavior and the film makes full use of it, in many ways disturbing and funny. Unfortunately it also leads to a feeling of Deja Vu repeatedly, very little has changed and often feels like it just changed venues from Las Vegas to Bangkok and animals from tigers to monkeys.

A big disappointment is the film’s “star” cameo, after the unexpected success of the emergence of Mike Tyson in the first film. Originally intended to be Mel Gibson’s idea proved controversial with some of the cast and crew, and was quickly discarded. Next was Liam Nesson, who was forced to resign over clashes with schedules Wrath Of The Titans. Finally, Nick Cassavetes eventually filled the role, which is really best known (if known at all) as a writer and director. That this is nice to see the always reliable Paul Giamatti pop-up, if only in a brief role.

Philips is one of the directors visually adept at comedy, and one of the few who seems concerned with the look of his films as his humor. Is stripped of all the glitz and glitter of the Vegas location last sections and managed to Bangkok’s own sweat, visceral sensation and makes excellent use of reason from the movie aspect of 2:35:01 to give us a comedy movie film really feels. The fact that he has an excellent sense of human interaction does not hurt either.

Sometimes the film feels more like a new version of the first big budget film it’s own movie, but fans of the original code probably dig all the references and sly in jokes that arise. Philips occasionally even manages to make use of it on the wrong foot the audience, but generally you get what you are expecting. Which is not bad in this case when the character is interesting but sad to see the freshness and originality of the first movie just disappear so quickly.

Ken Jeong Galifianakis and steal the movie again as Alan and Mr. Chow (with Jeong get most quotable dialogue of the film) and the monkey smoking aside no new character is added to really spice things up. Bradley Cooper was thrust into the Hollywood a list for his star turn as the first film, which is why it is so strange to see him deprived of his charm and charisma mark here. He gives exceptionally lifeless performance here, but to be fair and Galifianakis Ed Helm are the only two characters in the script actually allows the possibility of any emotional depth, with Alan who are still cute enough although he has given to the large number of extremely aggravating behavior. Philips has an interesting (and oddly dark) the point that a drunken libertine character’s behavior may seem more like a seedy tilt a side effect of too much alcohol. It’s times like this helped raise the film above the level of tolerance and though the sequel does not have the freshness of its predecessor that is never short of invention when it comes to horrible situations, awkward and funny to put through Wolfpack.

If you were a fan of the first film you’ll find a lot of love here and if not impressed by it then it is likely Hangover 2 will not change his mind. That said, it remains one of the most pleasant hangover of what you have, and it is the end credit sequence in all its tawdry glory is worth the ticket price alone.

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