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October 20, 2011 by staff 

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Is there someone in New York who do not know now what 99% versus 1% means?

Two months recently, the 1% was more likely to be associated with skim milk of political protest.

These four words are the 99% – a great tag line populist – has defined an uncomfortable reality.

Although crab experts in their motley 20-odd years of having a mixed message, hold Wall Street movement has a new language for the undemocratic distribution of income in the richest democracy in the world.

And the general public seems to understand the essentials. A Bloomberg survey in October indicates that 6 of every 10 New Yorkers support a “Occupy Wall Street” effort.

What better time than Halloween to mock the emperor’s new clothes?

9 tips for making a “busy Wall Street” Halloween Party

For the sake of fun and foster public debate, here are some tips for a 99% Halloween Party in New York or elsewhere:

Make your “Occupy Wall Street” Halloween party a sleepover. The original protest camp in Manhattan involved Zuccotti Park. Make your party a slumber party, mattresses, it is not necessary.

Dressing. Being Bernie Madoff. CitiBank. A fat cat. Couples could be so good and the police-Bad Cop. Occupy the chances of Wall Street Halloween costumes are legion.

“Occupy Wall Street” Halloween Party Decoration: Forget the decorations. Customers want to be in charge of that. (It’s more democratic.) Hosts can prepare the ground, pushing some furniture around in “zones” as original “OWS” protest in Zuccotti Park: the library area, first aid area, team area, and so on.

Play the Game of 99% OWS. It has a drawing of 100 entries. Tag a ticket of “1%” and the rest “99%”. Odds are an inevitable result, of course. The winning ticket receives a standing ovation 1% of the Bronx, a BMW jet toy or personal, and all the caviar and champagne within a 5 mile radius, for example, Poughkeepsie.

Be your own team of PR & Media. Instant communication and documentation are the hallmark of the “AA” phenomenon. Create a virtual archive of his “OWS” Halloween party, in real time. Invite a blogger and stick it in a corner with a good WiFi. Obviously the whole world already have iPhone and Twitter and e-mail the photos to their Facebook friends.

Play “Wall Street Occupy” Party Games. Undoubtedly, there are some important party games for 99% of the OWS Halloween party. For example, amplify the message is a version of the old telephone game. A “leader” says the message in the air. All other roars with the same words in unison. Horns is a bull with no way to communicate, and a bonding experience. It has pads on the site.

Being seen is another important element to occupy the protests on Wall Street. The creation of handmade posters is very DIY, and PC, and if by chance the use of recyclable materials, the better. They have a lot of brands and poster-making material.

Finally, what is the political objective of this protest? It seems that there are many. Therefore, if you decide to use an elephant or a donkey, use a blindfold over your eyes and play pin the tail on demand.

“Occupy Wall Street” Halloween Party Music: No music only DJ.s tinkering with guitars, tambourines, harmonicas – and vuvuzelas.

Want to holiday meal? Order in! Get the pizza. Or the fast-food burger joint closest. The reservation of the kind of thing that people have been sleeping in the parks for weeks that you want: bagels, carrot sticks, vegan pad Thai. Spread out around the menus so guests can democratically decide what they eat. Sharing food, sharing the costs, too.

A parade of 1%. Parade of ghosts, skeletons, fat cats or caricatures of other 1%. And if you happen to go out – try not to be arrested.

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