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October 20, 2011 by staff 

Halloween Costumes KidsHalloween Costumes Kids, Halloween is around the corner and most parents are looking for the perfect outfit for their children. However, if you have been in the store may have been frightened by what he saw.

It probably was not high prices or the quality of cheap suits that you are afraid, but the lack of fabric that left him breathless.

We have seen “Sexy Alice in Wonderland”, “Racy Red Riding Hood” and other poor quality costumes fill the racks reserved for the little ghosts, monsters, cute, princesses and superheroes.

Join this questionable selection of children “dress” is the new team to arrive in stores: Anna anorexia, which comes with an accessory tape (the name is obviously a play on words based on the anorexia, the disorder food).

Dr. Robyn Silverman calls this disturbing trend the “prnification” of Halloween costumes for children.

The marketing of adult costumes for children, especially preteens and teenagers, has become so widespread that parents may be having a hard time distinguishing what is characteristic of the popular.

Talk father addresses the issue of Speedo suits and sxy wrap dresses in cape and tries to figure out why the modesty and taste are dressed down for this macabre feast.

Tonia Accetta: not just for girls who dress sxy on Halloween, I have seen a few children also questionable. Suits boys in question are “Spartans.” The use of only a Speedo and a cape is not a complete outfit. And “Chippendales?” Wait until your child is old enough to understand that one.

At this time of year is fun and you should be able to express themselves without being taken too seriously, but keep your clothes on, kids!

I agree with the outrage over the adolescent girls’ locker room, but with an extra touch of these costumes can be used in a more appropriate way. I found the dress of anorexia to be fun. I’m not going to buy my daughter to use, but still I have a sense of humor.

Have fun with Halloween and be safe!

Tam Dorow: Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s fun, no pressure. You do not have to participate if they do not. Nobody will pity or think you’re a lovable loser if you do not dress or eat certain foods or spending time with loved ones. It is a day you can express your sense of humor, personal interests or to show their daring.

That said, there are things like good taste, decency and self respect prevail for some.

Not everyone can dress like the swimsuit models. That would be boring. I remember a couple of years ago, when people went around with the body painted as their Halloween costumes? I’m glad that kids are not doing.

I saw a dress seven years old, a genius with very little, exposing her belly. I was told that her father bought the dress for her. If a parent is void of decency and the trial is not surprising that teens too.

There are some prnified costumes out there, but there are some clothes I used daily prnified, too. My opinion is the same people both wear.

If we as parents find it disturbing, we must ask why the young women who want to dress that way. I think it’s important to ask why they dress sxy (and I use that term very loosely) every day of the year, rather than just on Halloween. Is it different than when the ladies dress sxy? Do we expect children to maintain the morale of adults?

Halloween costumes do a good job reflecting the views of our society of men against women. I have never seen men and boys wear sxy costumes. Some of them could have been described as distasteful, or display the unusual way
of humor. Often men dress fun of others, but unfortunately, sometimes
women dress to objectify and belittle themselves.

Kurt Sauter: sxy Halloween costumes and provocative for girls are really strange. I’m not sure why the parents of girls who allow their children to use, much less buy.

The reason why the corporate suits is clear – they can make money. If not cash, it would be the costumes. Parents are in control of where they spend their money and what they allow their children to do.

Children may feel peer pressure to use the clothes that your friends think are cool or hip. That is where a parent comes into play not be swayed by the pressure of your child so you can teach them how not influenced by peer pressure. We could not remove the clothing purchase.

It is disappointing that there is a market for that type of thing.

Suzette Valle: A few years ago, I saw a sxy 11-year-old Pocahontas in nothing but a loincloth and bikini top holding her cold skin of the night of Halloween in the name of freshness.

I scratched my head at the confusion, “Did your mother really buy that suit?” The answer was yes.

I suspect there is some “live through her son” goes with the trend of sxy costumes. “Oh, it’s just a child. No big deal if you wear fishnet stockings and a French maid costume. It’s Halloween!”

If parents teach their young how to be a lady, then they can not be treated as ladies. And this includes the exercise of certain decorum even on Halloween, when they pretend to be someone else is supposed to be fun, not tacky.

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