Hacker Group Takes Aim At Facebook

August 10, 2011 by USA Post 

Hacker Group Takes Aim At FacebookHacker Group Takes Aim At Facebook, Collectively known Hackers Anonymous on Tuesday threatened to “kill” Facebook On November 5, according to a YouTube video highlighted in official channels used by the group.

“The media adore all so dear will be destroyed,” the group wrote in a transcript of his YouTube video. “If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect freedom of information, then join the cause and kill facebook [sic] for the sake of your own privacy.” Facebook did not immediately respond with an official comment on the threat.

Claims anonymous users are making Facebook a service because the company is “selling information to government agencies.” He also claims that Facebook privacy controls are a joke and that users can not really delete your account.

“Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook, regardless of their” privacy “settings and delete your account is impossible, even if you” delete “your account, your personal information remains on Facebook and can be recovered in any time, “the group wrote. “Change your privacy settings to make your Facebook account more” private “is also an illusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.”

November 5 is Guy Fawkes Day, which commemorates when Fawkes and other explosives placed in the House of Lords in 1605. The image of Guy Fawkes is used commonly used by a symbol and anonymous hackers Fawkes group wore masks at the Defcon hacker conference last week (pictured above). Fawkes mask and the story was popularized in the series of ten comic V for Vendetta theme and the movie based on it.

The Twitter account @ YourAnonNews seemed to confirm that the video was posted by Anonymous, a Tuesday night tweet saying, “Remember remember the fifth of November FaceBook treason and plot …”

The threat to destroy Facebook comes just a day after the group successfully attacked and disfigured the Syrian Ministry of Defense website. Anonymous has gained much exposure in the past year with attacks on PayPal, Visa, Amazon, Bank of America, and governments around the world. The group was blamed for the massive attack on Sony PlayStation Network, but denied involvement.

While Anonymous has been successful in some major hacking sites in the past, it is questionable that he would succeed against Facebook. Considering that the group of hackers has taken several months Facebook to prepare for an attack is highly unlikely that Facebook would be shot down. But when you’re talking about a group of hackers with the aim of sowing discord, can never be sure.

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