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November 21, 2010 by Post Team 

Guzaarish Box Office, Three years after the highly publicized “Saawariya” failed to ignite the box office bollywood, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali woos the audience with a film about euthanasia.

“Guzaarish” which opens in cinemas in India on November 19, stars Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in lead.

The 47-year Bhansali spoke to Reuters about his unusual characters, the subject of euthanasia and life after “Saawariya”.

Q: Where did the seed for “Guzaarish” come from?

A: “If you ask any germ of a movie and where it comes, I will not be able to tell you, it does not come from the same event, it gets into your mind … Today I am ready to do “Guzaarish” the movie the most difficult of my life. Also according to “Saawariya” is not going well, I do not want to be bitter in life. I did not want to be depressed. What do live and be happy was the most after “Saawariya” was not good. As a work of art, “Saawariya” is the best thing I’ve done so far and this is the happiest moment of my life. So I was spared the trauma of depression. What do to live and love life is that I think the germ of “Guzaarish.”

Q: You’re dealing with the subject of euthanasia “Guzaarish?

A: “Euthanasia is a subject that has never been addressed before in Indian cinema, but this is a very important human suffering can not be understood like that, so if you can make an entertaining film with big stars and a great platform but still. Speak of it as a sensitive issue, that’s what we do. We do not spread, we do not take sides. ”

Q: The characters in your films seem almost exotic, as if they live in a strange faraway land. Why?

A: “How many people have you met who have worked tirelessly for 14 years to keep the man they love alive You will not find these people every day are few characters and my characters have always been My characters are like this one? .. Little farther, a little strange. They have a certain attitude to love and life, and they should be treated that way. There are so many layers to these characters that you to beanlyzed to participate in the film. ”

Q: Have you been tempted to be bitter after “Saawariya” has not done well?

A: “Who would not be depressed I have great family and friends who supported me My spirit is so alive Even if people think I am a filmmaker very depressing, moody and intense, I’m not all that we worked so hard on this film, I created many moons and stars in this film. So even if it did not work, I do not question myself as a filmmaker. Perhaps the story that I I chose and thought the public was sufficiently advanced to show not reach out to people, or maybe not the right time to release it, whatever the reason. ”

Q: Did you at any point on the question of your audience?

A: … “No, not the audience is never wrong is never wrong If ‘Khamoshi’ has not worked as a film, there’s something wrong with her and that” Devdas “and” Hum Dil … “worked they must be good. They (the public) have no prejudices; they just want to see a good movie, no matter who you are. I have so much confidence in them and that is why I fact “Guzaarish ‘which is about a quadriplegic and magic, after” Saawariya “. Today, they are not watching a race-the-mill movie; all these stories have now gone on television.”

Q: Have you been tempted to change your style of cinema after “Saawariya”?

A: “No, I’m too stubborn I do what I do with the heart …

I am not an offer or sell a project. Yes, it must be economically viable, but nobody can tell me how to make a movie. Why should I lose three years of my life on a film dishonest? ”

Q: Do you think the release “Saawariya” at another time may have worked?

A: “Absolutely … A song like” Saawariya “does not happen again I’ll never be able to do it again, I am constantly evaluating my shortcomings, and perhaps there are some flaws in the film, but this list is .. So private, I do not write when I retire in 25 years.

Q: Do you plan your retirement?

A: “25 years later is expensive then I chill when I get my love affair with life …”

Q: Is not that what you do with your films?

A: … “Movies are my way to be I’ll live my life through my characters, they become part of what I mean if you delete my movies, I do not exist sometimes I just see myself in the mirror …

Because I say so little in life, I say more in my films. If I say something every day, maybe I will not put that in my films intensely. ”

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