Greys Anatomy Season Finale

May 20, 2011 by Post Team 

Greys Anatomy Season FinaleGreys Anatomy Season Finale, At last we reached the end of this strange season of maximum (the episode of the documentary, Arizona / wedding Callie) and low (yes, singing). So many changes, both docking and undocking, baby talk much. So let’s get to it. Mer and Der were the work plans for babies at home in new construction, and the adoption lady appeared, seemingly, everywhere. As if she could know if the house would be a good environment for the child based on the fact that there would indeed be a concrete base and a basic framework. In any case, the couple also was moving forward with trials of Alzheimer’s at work, with Meredith insisting on treating “like a doctor” and not “as a woman” when they were in their professional capacity. When will these people never learn that the only way to remove your personal life is to stop screwing hospital and marry each other? That would make it much easier when, for example, Owen has to tell Derek that his wife stuck with the trial protocol. By way of example. This, of course, was not well with Derek. Meredith pleaded with the Chief, “Kick me out of the studio. There is nothing wrong with the study.” But she refused to say what they messed with or why. The chief said he would probably lose your job, then, Meredith said Alex, who had blabber about switching to Owen to get his belongings from his house. Craig also was not very pleased with Alex, Alex looked really sorry, and had only intended to hit Meredith out of the race for chief resident, do not get fired.

Henry also had too many feelings – ie, that Teddy was sad that Andrew would soon be leaving for Germany. She protested that it was not his real wife, so he could not get angry. “You’re my best friend true,” he replied. “What do I get?” Aww, poor Scott Foley.

But we had no time for great Scott Foley, watery eyes, because he learned that a 757 had gone down in the sound, and then about 200 injured passengers who come to be, with Seattle Grace as the venue for the management of traumatized families. Suddenly, Teddy was not going so fast, you’d need to surgeons and trauma counselors in the world, Andrew is the awesomest ever.

Oh, and guess what! Christina discovered she was pregnant six weeks in the midst of all this. While waiting for patients to show the accident, she broke the news to Owen, who was naturally a bit of the idea of?? Having a baby. “I am not a beautiful vessel for all that is good about the future,” she snapped. Then: “Are you getting all lifey in me?” He said he wanted children – as he hinted before: “I love you, and maybe you can too.” He was so serious when he gave his speech. “Cristina Yang, I imagined a life so huge for us,” It’s a shame not to go ahead and ask that instead of just imagining, but it looked so sweet and pleading almost wanted me to your baby. We must also pause to point out that if Cristina gets an abortion – something that we will not know for sure until next season – which is a very rare happening in history television network (although it is an issue that concerns us more and more.)

Meredith was dealing with the life of the massive crisis thus continues to insist on Derek and the Chief, “if you do not know what I did, the trial is blinded.” Alex, however, told them: Meredith was Adela who began the drug instead of placebo. A-ha. Now everything was clear to everyone. The Boss backed down and told Meredith that would end his just to keep some sense of protocol, but had obviously forgiven. Derek, not both.

It was also increasingly clear that no patients are coming from the accident – if you are taking so long, nobody could have survived.

And did we mention that April was named chief resident? Remember that everyone has been racing for months? Yes, our little ex Everwoodian got it, as anticlimactically posted on the bulletin board in the midst of preparations to welcome the families of the dead passengers to break the bad news for them. Alex expressed his dissatisfaction with the choice of Owen: “It was supposed to be me or gray you think anyone will listen to Kempner’s going to be total chaos.” Owen had an answer: “Do you think everyone will listen to you you just sold to the universally beloved person in this hospital everyone will hate you … I had intended to give you Now. … ‘Can we take a moment to see that Meredith is apparently now “universally loved”? Sign of a massive growth in nature, exaggeration, or something in between? And Alex never fully pull out of the whole stretch in which always cava?

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