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August 4, 2010 by staff 

Greta Van SusterenGreta Van Susteren, [Fox News], Greta Van Susteren, Fox News: “The administration of President Obama has a plan to give illegal immigrants a backdo0r amnesty? office Sen. Chuck Grassley obtained a leaked memo and sending shock waves through Washington. Previously, Senator Grassley was “On the Record.”
Van Susteren: I wanted to talk to you because you have received a note called “Administrative reform comprehensive immigration alternative.” What is this note and where did you get?
SEN. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa: It was leaked to us suppose that someone in the Department of Homeland Security. I do not know who, and I’m filtering a lot of things, so it is not a problem. The principle that is most important.

People say, well, is a project. But people do not spend that time – spend so much time to write drafts. Someone told them that the project of writing. What can we do for legalizing many undocumented workers are here because Congress will not pass a bill with amnesty? Van Susteren: You are understanding is that is a limit to Congress in terms of -
Grassley: Of course it is an end run Congress, because this government is getting plenty of pressure from advocacy groups, undocumented workers who would like to have legalized and those people who can not get a bill in Congress because Democrats can not introduce a bill that has amnesty in it, and Republicans will not vote for amnesty, because amnesty deal 20 years ago, when he was only three million people here and we realized that rewards illegality and get more of it. So now we have 12 million undocumented workers here.
So what I want to do is try to see what can be done administratively. And this memorandum sets out what you can do and maybe you can not do.
The point is all we can do now for the president to legalize people can do and has done for many, many years, but has been made on a case by case basis. And we see this as a note, in fact, the note is clear in one place, we can do so more aggressively. In other words, more people could be legalized.
Van Susteren: Do you think the president wants amnesty?

Grassley: The White House will say we do not want amnesty. But what they say they want, they want to “earn citizenship.” And “earned citizenship” is just code word for amnesty for what he is saying is that people who broke our law, crossed our borders, came here illegally, let’s say it’s OK as we did in 1986.

But it’s like we did not learn the lesson of 1986. In 1986, legalized three million people. You learn from that. It does not work. We have a problem of 12 million people today.

Van Susteren: Once you got this memo leaked to you with what is seen as an end run Congress over the administration, what did you do?

Grassley: OK, well, first, before the memo leaked to us, we wrote a letter to the president saying he heard rumors you might be thinking about this. I never received a response to that letter in June, I think.

Then in July, he wrote to the Department of Homeland Security that we have some idea of what numbers you have already done for parolees, for example, as an example. We want the numbers on the measures taken to legalize the people under existing law even before the reason for this note. How much have you already done so, because we know that? And some of that may be perfectly legitimate.

But a lot of it, just to get around Congress, final race for Congress, would be very, very bad. It would be a violation of separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches.

Anyway, we have not heard a response to the letter from Homeland Security. So today, some of us wrote to Chairman Leahy, we need a hearing on this note. We want the Department of Homeland Security Secretary come in. We want the people who make immigration to come in. And we want the people who wrote this note to come and have a hearing so that we know what is the motivation behind this memo.

Van Susteren: You do not get an answer to the letter. The first was at the White House?

Grassley: No.

Van Susteren: The first was when?

Grassley: The White House, without response. No response from Homeland Security yet.

Van Susteren: Today, of course, his letter to Senator Leahy does not expect an answer today?

Grassley: No.

Van Susteren: You hope will answer?

Grassley: I hope so. I hope you have a hearing. It may not be able to have it now with summer holidays coming, but we can have it in September.

We need to get to the bottom. If Congressional oversight means something, if the system of checks and balances of government where the executive branch check to ensure that laws are followed, and there is a halt to the Congress not to approve an immigration bill, we must know about it.

Van Susteren: This is a draft memorandum. You think it was a random idea someone, or think it was a shrewd and deliberate effort to do something?

Grassley: I think it is a clever and deliberate effort to do something. So they say it’s just a project that does not mean anything. Well, you know the bureaucracy. Someone – this is a very detailed note. You put the lawyers on how to write a note as well. Somebody had something in mind when writing that said member.

And I think that is just one – trying to evade the issue saying it is a draft memorandum.

Van Susteren: Do you have any doubt of its authenticity?

Grassley: No one has questioned its authenticity. Even people in the Department of Homeland Security, even people in the White House have questioned that. Everything I’ve tried to do is divert attention and say it is a draft letter. ”

Van Susteren: They have not said the senator, someone who just do that?

Grassley: No.

Van Susteren: This is the real McCoy?

Grassley: Yes traffic came from someone who wanted Congress to know what was happening in the Executive. You can call the complainant, whatever you want. I do not know who they are.

But the point is, a large amount of information that Congress will get to do their work constitutional control, from sources like that. And it’s a damn good thing to do, because it gives us the opportunity to anticipate what the Congress is – a devious way the executive branch is trying to get around Congress.

Van Susteren: paroling used the term. Paroling In terms of immigration is different than the criminal justice system, right?

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