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June 16, 2011 by USA Post 

Green LanternGreen Lantern, It should come as no surprise to anyone that a new comic book adaptation is directed at theaters this weekend. “Green Lantern” is a fighter pilot (Ryan Reynolds), who ends up being included in an intergalactic police force. It takes a special green ring (I) becomes the power of his mind in the green energy that can be manipulated at will. It is also weak against the color yellow, which seems a bit silly, but whatever.

“Green Lantern” is being advertised as a great space-opera kind of movie, full of strange CGI monsters abroad in different shapes and sizes. So instead of recommending some similar comic book movies, other movies starring Reynolds, we thought we’d try to dig some titles that had a large cast of strange creatures. Without all the “Star Wars” movies, of course, Yoda is still the largest alien creature ever created for the public.

An obvious choice would be “The Dark Crystal.” This 1982 film was created by the legendary Jim Henson (you know, the guy who came up with the Muppets) and Frank Oz (Miss Piggy, the said Yoda), and is populated almost entirely by puppets. A kind of little thing called Gelfling elf named Jen, trying to locate a mystical piece of glass a planet ruled by a race twisted bird called Skeksis. Truly a visual wonder, the level of detail and craftsmanship involved in bringing to life this world is unprecedented, and is even more impressive considering that everything was done in camera with live actors and animatronics.

For something a little silly, maybe you could try to “Freaked,” a bizarre comedy directed by Alex Winter (who can remember how Bill “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Bogus Journey”). Winter also stars as Ricky; a vain actor is chosen to be spokesman for a nefarious chemical company. Things did not work so well for him, though, he just caught a mad scientist (Randy Quaid) who is using the company’s products to produce a herd of horrible mutants. Remember, it’s a comedy. A lot of makeup affects very well here, what these characters as memorable as a boy dog, Nosey (the head is a big nose), Sockhead (the head is a puppet), and a genuine bearded lady, played by Mr. T. You know you want to see this.

But if you like horrible mutant freaks that its a little more seriously, you should check out “Nightbreed”, directed by Clive Barker and based on his own novel “Cabal”. This is a young man who, after being framed as a serial murderer with her crazy therapist (played by the great director David Cronenberg) seeks refuge in a secret underground city called Midian, a place where monsters go to seek forgiveness and live in peace. Over time the therapist / murderer remains there with plans to end throughout the city. This is a really strange, disturbing film that includes lots of great monster makeup and strange characters with all kinds of abilities and outlandish appearance. That does not quite jell in all a great movie, but its ambitions of exceeding its budget.

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