Great White Jumps In Boat

July 22, 2011 by staff 

Great White Jumps In BoatGreat White Jumps In Boat, A team of researchers in South Africa were chumming the waters, watching sharks, when something really suspect happened: In 1100 lbs great white shark jumped into his boat. He jumped into his boat. A great white shark. Jumped. Ship. In. Uh, is this anyone else’s nightmare come true?

The shark thrashed around 10 feet from the stern, as investigators tried to keep it moist. While it might have been happy to look up close and personal to his subject, his court waving fuel lines of the boat and did some serious damage. The worst part? He would not leave. The shark was in the middle, half of the boat at one point, but instead decided to return to the water, fell entirely on the cover. Who is observing whom now?

I wonder about some things, but first things first: I hope that one crewmember went on to say: “I think we need a bigger boat.”

I mean this sounds like something out of the jaws. Steven Spielberg could not have created a spectacular shot. According to one of the researchers on board, was worth seeing:

Next thing I know I hear a tap, and watch a rape white shark out of water for floating the ship’s side, literally on the crew member is chumming the ship to port.

The shark is a new home on the deck and the crew spent the next few hours trying to get it off. They tied ropes around the tail of the shark and had a nearby boat trying to tow the shark did not work. During this time pouring water over the great white shark gills, they had to take the boat to the dock where they eventually used a crane to lift the fish by the tail and place in water.

The shark then swam to the beach Amity, where he ate a little surf, scaring a child in a Sunfish sailboat and terrorizing a beach community for most of the summer.

No, OK OK … the boat lover of the great white shark, after being declared dead at a nearby beach after their first release, was towed back, this time to deeper waters and released for good. Hopefully by the time the researchers move to tell the story of a jump the shark on his boat, the story does not have jumped the shark. (Hey, I tried.)

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