Government Shutdown 2011

February 22, 2011 by USA Post 

Government Shutdown 2011, This is the week in Washington when Congress is in recess – the members are back in their districts, to town halls, ribbon cuttings, speeches, kissing babies, you name it. What they do not work on Capitol Hill to avoid a government shutdown next week. In case you missed it, the House of Representatives passed a bill to reduce by more than 60 billion and the federal budget.

They have done openly, with hundreds of amendments on the floor. The House passed the funding cuts for public broadcasting, family planning and border security. He rejected a ban on military spending NASCAR sponsorship. The process has been unique and unprecedented. But not everyone can say the means justify the end. The reductions are due to take place this year from March to October, which means that many programs will be cut, the offices closed and workers laid off before the end of the year.

This is the result that the White House and most Democrats want to avoid. They are all for reducing government spending, but they hope to do more wisely using a “scalpel instead of a machete” that Obama himself is fond of saying.

The potential government shutdown in 2011 comes at a precarious throughout the nation. The battles over budget cuts in Washington made headlines massive, and have major implications for other state budget plans. But in this case, the battle is on the federal level, and has stakes even higher for the nation as a whole.

In addition, Congress is still on vacation right now, so that negotiations cannot start again until Monday. Both parties have a wide ideological divide on the budget and expenditures as a whole, and now they have only a few days to find a compromise. If they do not, it will trigger the biggest budget battle in 16 years.

If the closing takes place in 2011 of government, everyone will turn to the stop sign in 1995 on what might happen. Just as now, the Republicans came out a big win at the halfway point in 1995, and then tested with the President their proposals cuts. But when Washington has been locked in 1995, he came to turn against the Republicans, since President Clinton was concerned.
A 2011 government shutdown is feared to March 4. Rightly, the government will start off 2011 the same day that the lockout would be NFL. Both scenarios have two enemies on the intractable struggle against enormous sums of money, and how to distribute it. And in both cases, the public is disgusted with their fight, and upset that their concerns are not heard. However, the stop 2011 of the Government might be easier to prevent the lockout could be NFL.

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