Government Licensing Internet

October 7, 2010 by USA Post 

Government Licensing Internet, Microsoft executive would open the door for government licenses to access the Internet, with the authorities to be allowed to block individual computers to connect to the worldwide web under the pretext of preventing malware attacks.

Speaking to the ISSE 2010 conference in Berlin yesterday, computer security, Scott Charney, vice president of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing said that cyber security should be the mirror of public security laws of health, with the infected PC to be “quarantined” by government decree and denied access to the Internet.

“If a device is known to be a danger to the Internet, the user must be notified and the device must be cleaned before it is unlimited access to the Internet, minimizing the risk of the infected device contaminating other equipment, “said Charney.

Charney said the system would be a “global collective defense” run by companies and government would “monitor and control” the computers of people like the way the government track diseases health bodies.

Citing the threat of malware attacks as a means to deter or block people from using the Internet is becoming a common theme – but it is tainted with political overtones.

At the launch of Cyber Obama administration earlier this year, Democrats tried to claim that the independent news website The Drudge Report has been serving malicious software, incident Senator Jim Inhofe described as a maneuver deliberate “to discourage people from using Drudge.

Under the new proposals, not just the government cited the threat of malicious software to prevent people from making Drudge, they were blocked from the Web world-wide, creating a dangerous precedent by giving the government the power to dictate whether people can effectively use the Internet and open the door to a licensing system should be introduced.

Similar to the way in which vehicle inspections are mandatory for cars in some states before they can be trained, we are entering a phase where you will get a health check before a PC IP czar government will issue a license, or an identification card on the Internet, allowing you to access the web?

Of course, the only way companies or the government could find out if your system is infected with malware is to have some sort of firewall software required or installed on each PC that sends data to a centralized hub, grease skates for warrantless surveillance and other invasions of privacy.

Microsoft has been at the forefront of an offer to introduce licensing Internet as a means of controlling how people access and use the World Wide Web, an effort that has intensified over the past year.

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