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January 21, 2011 by staff 

Google Offers, (Wa Post) – FIRST DAY: It’s all about Google this Friday morning. The search giant has made headlines Thursday when CEO Eric Schmidt has resigned in favor of the former CEO and co-founder Larry Page. Page, Schmidt, “Google CEO,” all have a trend line as well try to work on this new leadership mean for the company. Set a bit like the announcement that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been taking sick leave, Google announced its new CEO redesign that earnings in the fourth quarter of the company are up 28 percent over a comparable period last year.

Google Offers flight risk: Thursday, Mashable published its exclusive on “Google offers,” a new, confirmed risk research firm designed to fit on the group buy-in discount sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. The company confirmed it was working with small businesses to test “a prepaid / voucher program.” Mashable has a record of a leak on the company on its website. Gmail link Angers switch users

Lawyer accused claims informant Wikileaks mistreated in prison, most users choose mobile mail webmail, Bizarre search term trend of video actor, a zany search term trend gave an overview of the birth of memes this morning that ” kevjumba is a wrestler bear heterosexual “tendencies began Thursday night and Friday morning. Pop2 was the explanation behind the same: Kevjumba, aka Kevin Wu, asked his followers to help him make his most macho image Internet using the search term. He came up with the idea after finding that the Autofill feature of Google suggests “kevjumba is gay” when users start typing the phrase “is kevjumba.” Entrycat var = ‘Google, social media by Hayley Tsukayama

(CNN) – The search giant Google has announced it will offer downloads of software in Iran for the first time – a move it believes increase Internet freedom.

“Our products are specifically designed to help people create, connect, share opinions and find information. And we believe that more products means more choices, more freedom, power and ultimately more for people in Iran and around the world, “the company said in a statement published Tuesday on its official blog.

Google will offer three downloads in the Middle East, which has a history of strained relations with the United States: Chrome, a Web browser, Picasa, a photo sharing service, and Google Earth, which allows users of internet explorer global topography and maps in three dimensions.

These downloads had been blocked by U.S. sanctions, but sanctions have been eased somewhat, and Google says it has been able to conclude an agreement with the U.S. Treasury Department to offer the software in Iran. To comply with U.S. law, computers associated with the Iranian government will not be able to access the software online, Google said.

The company cited the role of the Internet in organizing demonstrations against the Iranian government in 2009 as a result of these types of programs is needed.

“During the demonstrations that erupted in Iran after the disputed presidential election in June 2009, the central government in Tehran expelled all foreign journalists, close to traditional media, newspapers closed and disrupted cellular phone lines,” says Google. “The government has also infiltrated the networks, posing as activists and using false identities to round up dissidents.

“Despite this, the sharing of information using the Internet has prevailed. Journalists, activists and bloggers as the best source for first hand accounts and footage of the scene of protests and violence have cited YouTube and Twitter across the country. At the time, however, export controls and U.S. sanctions programs prohibit the downloading of software to Iran. “


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