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October 10, 2010 by USA Post 

Google Car, Google’s announcement that it has already tested cars that drive themselves should be filled by warm feelings in many of his most imaginative nerve endings.

As I reach this ambitious project well, Google’s intention that these cars because they are inhabited by a variety of excellent software and hardware, will avoid collisions and provide fuel savings and more cars on the road (such as deductive reasoning goes, there will be no crashes). They will also allow drivers to get drunken skunk levels, since no self-respecting car that Google would actually allow drivers to drive, even when they are sober.

Although several parts of me want to make songs of authors’ works best gospel, there are other parts that give a B flat discomfort.

I am not one who complains that Google should not dare to develop such a car because there is no obvious route to profit. This is obviously R & D work together in R & B. Google is reaching for the soul in its brain buffet.

A problem, however, lies in what is in this spirit.

I have the disturbing impression that these robot cars will be effective if everyone is their conduct. After all, you may have many fine officials from Marin County, California, with the requisite tinkering on their Prius googled and a few stray tourists in a rental car or a manic-depressive in a Pontiac might ram to the back, that poverty and injury in equal measure.

So if anyone needs to get a Prius googled, it seems pretty easy to feed in Google brand implicit trait of wanting everyone to be clutched tightly to her breast. What is not so common, just as annoying?

And I am tempted to ignore the fact that Google could, in fact, with all its fine sensorship GPS, you follow along every inch of your itinerary. It could also send you listings for Nice on your laptop or GPS screen, you have all your attention to the capabilities now available to the company.

The second slight niggle feels even more uncomfortable and therefore more fundamental. For her part for the fun of driving. While some have speculated that if you do not have to drive your car, you can have more time to search Google for pottery or prnography, I am afraid your Prius googled removes your ability to properly, reader.

Google said that these cars can be programmed to drive safely or a little more aggressive. But the whole issue of driving is that it is not programmed. Sometimes you just want to set foot on the gas, the carrier waft past people full of tourists or pot smokers, and perhaps even waft beyond the speed limit.

We suppose it could be a little more difficult if your car has to be programmed. And, of course, if your car must be a Prius.

One can, of course, admire the audacity to snatch the crazy driving away from characters like the Mazda SUV driver flashing his lights at me in the hallway outside last week and offered me several mouthfuls of breakfast when it I seemed to hesitate. (There were white lines on either side of me. And, well, did I mention he was driving a Mazda SUV?)

But perhaps the most important piece of engineering that one would require Prius googled the manual. I mean, we’re not really supposed to trust our brains, our pleasure and our lives with software from Google, are we? Is not that a bit too much?

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