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Good Burger, Good Burger 1997 comedy film from Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Pictures production, directed by Brian Robbins Starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It also has Sinbad, Shar Jackson, Abe Vigoda, and January Schweiterman The film is based on the current sketch sketch show Nickelodeon’s All That. Carmen Electra, Shaquille O’Neal, and George Clinton also make cameos.
Good Burger has received largely negative reviews from critics, received a “Rotten” rating of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, critics have acknowledged that he did not trust the members of the movie demographic (children), children say, of course, love, and became a cult for fans of the first half of 2000? S.
Ed (Kel Mitchell) is an ignorant fool and stupid fast food operator working in the restaurant’s owner. Ed discovers that there is a good competition to other Burger, Mondo Burger, built across the road. A good manager of Burger, Mr. Bailey, a little worried about the new restaurant, but also contributes to his team not to lose hope. Meanwhile, Dexter Reed (Kenan Thompson) is a more reasonable and intelligent teenager, though vague, he thinks he can spend the rest of the summer games.

Once Ed gets in Dexter, who is in a car accident with his teacher, Mr. Wheat. Dexter, who have driver’s license, is in danger of going to jail, but convinces Mr. Wheat to pay damages. He must go to work during the summer holidays, which was against it. First, he was hired at Mondo Burger, but fired for their irresponsibility. Dexter is a good and responsible Burger / Ed 2 make friends with each other, and Ed even helped Dexter to get a good burger.

Soon after, Mondo Burger is growing in popularity, giving rise to Good Burger almost out of business. Then at the end Dexter realizes that Ed was responsible for it involved, but when making the sauce to add to your burgers, the growing popularity of Good Burger. Mondo Burger decided to seek the secret sauce. They were the first attempts to trick Ed gives them in the sauce, but does not work. Then he decided to try to seduce him by hiring Roxanne (Carmen Electra), but it is not due to clumsiness, Ed, it hurt a lot (to the extent that is basically in a cast when she decides to withdraw from Mondo Burger) . Dexter also briefly dated an employee of a good burger, but she discovers that Dexter was Ed give a significant part of their participation in the sauce. When Dexter is going to raise interest rates, they find the dog. Ed believes that the dog is trying to seek help against five clowns, whose car broke down. Dexter, however, believes he is hungry and eats their burgers in restaurants. Dexter and Ed discover that Kurt employees to give illegal substance called Triampathol hamburgers. Kurt limits them to a psychiatric hospital.

Kurt and his men break in good burger in the bin of the venom of sharks in the salsa, but to get to Otis, which is directed to a shelter. At the shelter, Ed can not make friends and expelled from the woman who released a kangaroo zoo. They managed to escape from the facility with the help of his new friend. After escaping, the trio caught in the escape of ice cream truck. They return to Good Burger and determination to explain what happened to all of them, finding the evidence against the Mondo Burger.

Ed and Dexter, then enter the kitchen Mondo Burger. Dexter then comes up with a plan, it will cause distraction while Ed Mondo Burger employees won a Triampathol containers. The first part of the plan is in line however, Ed inadvertently hitting a container VAT when you try to steal a hamburger. However, it took to use them to expand. Curt Dexter chases and corners. However, Dexter’s plan seems to have failed when Ed joins him, along with sample stolen, allowing Kurt to recover immediately. To add entertainment Kurt, Ed seems to have stolen an empty container, therefore meaning to the system, but authorities caught Ed. Ed Dexter explains that it is empty, when I got it, Dexter makes it clear that he threw into the tub. Mondo Burger burgers destroyed large and will be arrested by the authorities and Dexter and Ed Triampathol use the bank as evidence, the failure of the plan in the Kura. Ed then explained that it occurred due to the high probability of being arrested, and Kurt takes months of testing, using their resources to hire a team of lawyers, although he managed to get Triamphathol the competent authorities. Dexter tells Ed that he was canceling the agreement of the shares, enabling it to retain all of their actions. Good Burger celebrates victory.
2007 and 2010, “Nick Nite” premiere
In 2007, Nickelodeon has revived the good burger, and said Nick @ Nite December 8, 2007. It was shown previously, Nickelodeon had two records of the participants in the fact that they said in the previous film to be censored by children. The first sensor, when Otis says: “I think I broke my ass.” Nickelodeon censor, so he said: “I think I broke my tail.” Others, when a man in a psychiatric hospital (played by George Clinton) said: “Oh, this music sucks”, which was censored by “Oh, this music sucks.” lips of the actors most clearly show the original lines and the subtitle reveals the original lines. Monitoring indicators such as the January 17, 2010 that shows it has also been censored in the same way.

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