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October 15, 2010 by USA Post 

Goldberg The View Walk Out, Cooler heads prevailed now that everyone had a chance to digest Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar disengagement from comments by Bill O’Reilly on yesterday’s very special episode of sight. May have increased women who watch television host should be able to continue a discussion, even after someone fires a charged state. Perhaps the best way to meet someone like Bill O’Reilly is head cold. It is possible Whoopi could have chosen a better day to wear light-up shoes. Actually, no, there will never be a day when we do not want to see flashing shoes Whoopi Goldberg is as tags assessments as it moves away from the whole. On his last night show, O’Reilly, like a cat that swallowed a canary free publicity, gave his opinion on the legal status of being able to sit for an interview.

How did this happen? Have Japanese extremists attacked us? How did we get to this point? Now, the poll I cited was taken by CNN. About 70 percent of Americans, as I said, agree with me on the mosque at Ground Zero – it is in appropriate. I know nobody, nobody wants to insult Muslims. But almost everyone I know is tired of the political correctness of the attack 9 / 11. The truth is that if moderate Muslims around the world would stand with America against radical Islam, the terrorists could not exist.

True, no one refers to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor attacks by extremists, perhaps because Japan is a country and not a religion, and extremism in a world war could seems redundant. Japanese people in America at the time probably also could not hear what we were calling from their internment camps.

We imagine at least a portion of the population knows O’Reilly want to insult Muslims. Nevertheless, his point of view of political correctness is just. It does not really seem like the content of the national discussion on Islam and 9 / 11 is an overabundance of caution for us. But perhaps highlighting the religion of a terrorist, no matter how much you intend to deceive or incite hatred, should not require a work stoppage. As for his foolproof plan to stop t*rror*sm, we hope someone passes along authorities – it seems they could use help.

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