God Bless America

September 12, 2011 by Post Team 

God Bless AmericaGod Bless America, If Bobcat Goldthwait was in charge of the Doomsday Clock Idiocracy will not have to wait until the year 3001, the U.S. is sitting on a minute to midnight in the here and now.

Case in point, the protagonist Frank is a down to earth, rather than drone average white-collar seems to have a sense of shared abundance against the world around them.
Not only will your social circle or family, but almost all aspects of mass culture in America. Contributing to its perpetual migraine are strong inconsiderate neighbors and whose parenting (and parking habits) leave much to be desired. His ex-wife and her husband seem determined, through laziness and cluelessness to turn his daughter in a materialistic and shrill whiner, at the same time prevented him from visiting his father.

TV and Radio are inaudible and unpleasant as his co-workers to repeat almost everything they say literally. In short, the reality TV of Fox News, TMZ, radio shock jock and culture taken to extremes of Mike Judge’s sci-fi farce about there today – all that God bless America has similar easily identifiable – and the director has a perfect average man (or sliding scale genius) to the voice of his manifesto to what is wrong with your country.

Now one can criticize a film denigrating 21st century United States for their loss of empathy, dignity and kindness, making a vulgar and superficial film – shooting fish (or babies) in a barrel – and God bless America. But if Oliver Stone had his way at the end of 1990 with Natural Born Killers, I’m on board for the guy from Police Academy II hard to please me with 90 minutes of monologue-style shows and chaos. Hell, I enjoyed the last years Super malice, and this film feels like the version of a road trip with less spandex and more guns. Goldthwait, script and direction of service for the fourth time, ups the ante of the C-bomb drop early adolescents (an alarming number of these characters seem to be emerging, from Hit Girl Bolti) with Roxy (Tara Lynn Barr) can not have the best aim with a gun, but half Jeff Foxworthy impression and has an impressively long list of complaints (and Star Trek trivia) for someone so young.

Between Frank and Side Kick-pubescent, nobody is safe from the harsh words and hot lead. Remember the Alamo Drafthouse Texter and your complaint, call drunk? Who does not want to see the smack down to the rude people in theaters, double Parker at the mall or in self-titled reality TV twits cheap? This is the movie. And that’s as far as it goes. Perhaps both budget constraints as much to say beyond “most people suck. There are a couple of mounts substantial in the way, some songs from Alice Cooper (and tried to convince the influence of his talent the show on stage) and a gun dealer who has seen Jackie Brown maybe a couple of times, but ultimately is the message God Bless America is in the first act, and the rest, which is undoubtedly fun, it’s about spinning your wheels to the inevitable. A trope strange, but predictable romantic comedy genre, a misunderstanding / re-union that is embedded awkwardly in the second half is a bit meager in terms of stellar evolution and the heart of the central relationship in the early stages.

Perhaps the boldest aspect of the film is that many of those who encourage the objectives of rabies francs from the beginning will be the objectives of the afternoon. Impotence and intolerance in the air and no one is safe, at least of all Frank and Roxy who has been drinking the same Kool-Aid defenders to pour down the drain. Personally, I’m not willing to flush the time, and I suspect the author is director of fine, but God bless the United States is a fairly harmless bit of letting off steam. It is much better than ass: The Movie.

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