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November 13, 2011 by staff 

Gloria Allred’s Clients, Every now and then, Mediaite likes to take a deeper look at what topics are getting coverage and who’s being ignored by the broadcast and cable news. Fortunately, we have the tools that make this all possible, in the form of TVEyes, a site that chronicles nearly every word uttered on TV. Today’s look inside the television landscape reveals Gloria Allred pushing her client out of the spotlight, a conservative movement possibly popping up on QVC, and the sad dismissal of Gary Johnson by the mainstream media.

If you’ve seen Sharon Bialek — Herman Cain‘s fourth accuser and first to come forward publicly with sexual harassment allegations — anywhere over the last three days, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve seen her attorney, Gloria Allred, next to her. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Allred has gotten some media attention. But, according to research on TVEyes, Allred’s name has actually outpaced mentions of Bialek’s. And it’s not even close: Allred’s name has been mentioned an average of 86.7 times per day since Bialek came forward three days ago; Bialek’s comes up 63.3.

If Allred’s hope in taking on Bialek as a client was for some more public attention, it has worked brilliantly.

And that’s not all we learned by playing with some numbers…

Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party

In the never-ending Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party battle, Occupy Wall Street is currently winning, at least in TV mentions. The term has been uttered 91.5 times per day over the last week on cable channels. Tea Party has been brought up 66.1 times. As far as where it’s been mentioned, this is how they shook out on cable news stations over the past 30 days:

Occupy Wall Street
1220 times on FOX News
1145 times on MSNBC
793 times on CNN

Tea Party
774 times on MSNBC
763 times on FOX News
434 times on CNN

In a fun twist, QVC has actually mentioned “tea party” five times over the last week, but in a wholly different context (talking about actual tea parties, not the political movement).

The Little Guys

Buddy Roemer and Gary Johnson are both running for President, but have been shut out of most of the debates, as well as the general discussion of candidates. Over the past week, their lack of exposure has been all too stark. Roemer was mentioned a total of 17 times; Johnson’s name was mentioned 16. Just for the sake of comparison, Jon Huntsman’s name had been mentioned across all television stations a total of 107 times by 2 p.m. (Eastern) today.

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