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April 13, 2011 by USA Post 

Glenn Beck Lawrence O’donnell, Glenn Beck can stop Fox News, but his fellow hosts seem determined that their legacy of colorful and controversial rhetoric would not go with him.
Bill O’Reilly was quick to rally around their friend and colleague Glenn Beck, and provide support to play in a column on his website in which he denounced the left-wing hysteria surrounding the impending departure of Beck and praised the star Internet applicants. Interestingly, one of the most prominent representatives of the very network that prides itself on fair and balanced approach to reporting the news was perfectly fine with having a host in one of the prime time slots is “not even a journalist”:

If you just got off the plane marked in Mongolia and the U.S. media left, one would think Glenn Beck is the antichrist. The fuss about Beck is absolutely hysterical. Why do they care? Beck is not an elected official, but not even a journalist. It’s just a guy with an opinion. What is the problem?

Anyway, O’Reilly does not believe that lack of credentials Beck has nothing to do with his departure from the series that has made millions of people. On the contrary, was forced by pressure from the left to make things as exposure to Van Jones, the former special counsel for green jobs as a communist sympathizer, and his efforts to destroy the acorn, the organization that helped low-income people registered to vote.

However, O’Reilly believes Beck does not really need the TV anyway and because it has a bright future ahead of him with his “internet thingy” and giving speeches.

But Glenn Beck, who will have the last word. His media empire is now so broad that it does not need the routineanlysis of television news. The man has a hot website, The Shining, has a syndicated radio program and even has a footprint in a prestigious publishing house. In addition, his speaking fees could substantially reduce the national debt.

O’Reilly also made it clear he was not about to tone down his rhetoric just because its more exuberant colleague has been punished. In fact, proposed a theory very Beck-like yours, on the far left trying to reduce the U.S. economy for socialism, and having old nemesis George Soros Beck to suggest that actually could “absorb more debt to bring the country forward. ”

Ah, the creepy guy like Beck says. What Soros says is the key to this – the feds should get the economy going, not the private sector. The feds and there it is. The left wants the government to control the economy is not private industry. That’s what’s behind the New York Times, Soros and other big operations left. They want to recast the entire American economic system and the only way that can happen is if the system crashes as it did in 1929. In theory, an economic crisis could enable a new promotion system – a quasi-socialist system – by which Washington will share the jobs and money. Beck may be at the start, but his intuition and conspiracy theories and can survive.

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