Giffords To Give First Interview

September 13, 2011 by Post Team 

Giffords To Give First InterviewGiffords To Give First Interview, In a November 14 at special times, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D, Ariz.) will give her first television interview since being fired in January to Diane Sawyer of ABC News.

 Her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, will accompany Giffords, a shot in the head during a meeting with constituents from 08 January. The next day, a book of Giffords and Kelly’s debut, entitled Gabby: A story of courage and hope. Kelly talked about, but do not know if Giffords will not speak of the camera, she wants to decide closer to the actual date. Reports say that she has regained many motor skills.

According to doctors, Giffords can understand people, but has trouble forming words. She has already made an unforgettable public appearance. On August 1, traveled from Houston (where he is in treatment) to Washington, to appear in Congress and vote in the circus of the debt ceiling. It was her first vote since before the shooting.

Jenny, Bradley Will, Jada, and Marc
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez were observed with a romantic dinner a deux at Per Se in New York. She and her husband Marc Anthony as the famous world knows, have announced its intention to break the 15 July. Coop to break with the superlative cunning and Renée Zellweger in March. Well, well, well. Well, nothing. They were talking about a cast of the film . . ..

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony / Jada Pinkett Smith rumors about Bonk. The crew of the show, Hawthorne, say they have seen or handkerchief, or panky between the two in the set. Will Smith still has a positive marital comes and with it, they say.

But In Touch Weekly’s attention? It does not. It continues its barrage of Smith-ereen reports. The latter has Marc and Jada busted by a jealous desire in the act, or at least in human proximity to Hollywood. He was in tears, it says.

Kendra back in Philadelphia for the book signing
Kendra Wilkinson, reality star, mom, and many other things, triumphantly returns to Philadelphia on September 28. Barnes will be in the center & Noble at 12:30 pm to sign copies of her new book, Being Kendra: cribs, ccktails, and get my Sexy Back. The season premiere of E! Show, Kendra, begins Sept. 25 at 11 pm

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
If you’re among the millions of people who suspect that something is wrong SpongeBob, now you know. A study published in the journal Pediatrics reports that four years of age that saw nine minutes of the flare bovine spongiform show is the worst on tests of attention and cognition 4 years of age who remained free of Bob. Just like SpongeBob hurts executive centers of the brain is unclear.

NYC encourages LiLo catwalk kerfuffle
More problems that SpongeBob is Lindsay Lohan. Not their fault, trouble by just sort of does make each time is near. Friday night, LiLo went to new incognita Cynthia Rowley York fashion show, but forgot to not be beautiful, and when the assembled journos recognized, a scandal erupted. One type of photos, even up to the catwalk! You cannot do that. He was invited to repair the street; her camera was taken, and applauded all.

Demi strips for digital imaging
Demi Moore, 48, one of the great tweeters in celebrityland, Twitter has been hot self-images. In one, is in a bathtub in her bikini. (It’s in the bikini, not the tub.) (Ie, is in the bathtub, but she, not the bathtub, takes the kini ‘.) Newer artistic, over the shoulder shot, revealing the reflection of her bare back (only) on your bathroom mirror. We can say that is in excellent physical condition, and with all that time in the bathroom, probably, very clean.

A number of things about the singers
Gotta love that smoking, incandescent mess Doris Day, 87, right? He knows what he did? His album of my heart, recorded by her son Terry Melcher before her death in 2004, is number nine in the UK top 10 this week, becoming the person seniorest do that with an album of new material. Has not been presented in public in 25 years . . .. Speaking of singers, Cyndi Lauper joined the growing list of throaters (remember Christina Aguilera in the stupor bowl?) They have messed up the lyrics of “The Star-Spangled Banner”, the song world’s most famous unknown. In the U.S. Open on Saturday, which was belted, “o’er the ramparts we saw our flag still transmitting.” Wrong, wrong, wrong! Then Serena Williams obviously outraged by scam Lauper, Caroline Wozniacki punished by the court with her mop.

. . . Speaking of non-singers who sing no matter what we do, Ashton Kutcher, the husband of Demi Moore previous child, who, in return / debut next week epidemic of two and half men, singing the song of the series theme (“Men men men men men”) (I could remember the words, Cyndi?) with stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones plus / minus the opening credits.

. . . Note that this mini-trend of pop stars in their own ads? Vanessa Paradis already in a commercial for Chanel, or advertisements authentic singers Cotton Inc. (Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, Colbie Caillat) and Mrs Kate Bosworth modeling singer. Eva Mendes now got famous through her body more than her bel canto, a new commercial perfumer Thierry Mugler. Eve is always whispering to her impressive pipes out “Windmills of Your Mind”, a difficult song to sing, but she gives him a nice going. Hey – who cares if she can sing?

A foam confetti of small delights
Rapper Paul Wall, Baby Bash were arrested for pot after a concert in El Paso, Texas, early Sunday morning. It is a tradition in those parts: Released after lunch, PW Twitter with pride that had been in the same prison as drug criminals reveres Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. . . . Lil Wayne says here is so into her hobby is bringing a skate ramp quarter pipe skate around with him on tour. . . . The Frisky pregnancy wish lists of the stars. We have no idea whether any of it true. Beyoncé means that bananas dipped in tomato sauce, Angelina Jolie like onion rings with mustard, Nicole Richie call In-N-Out burger, Britney Spears was traditional and ate the earth, Halle Berry Pepperoncini juice drink, Oliver Jools, married N**ed Chef Jamie Oliver, craved mint sauce, spaghetti, raw, and Marmite on Bananas.

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