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Gettysburg, Prosecutors said they planned to seek the death penalty in the case of a man accused of killing a game warden during an investigation against poaching.

Twenty-seven years, Christopher Lynn Johnson is accused in the shooting death of Novembre”Wildlife Conservation Officer David Grove outside “Gettysburg.

Johnson has pleaded not guilty Friday in Adams County court.

District Attorney Shawn Wagner said Friday he would pursue the death penalty if Johnson were convicted of first-degree murder.

Grove was on patrol on his own along a dark lane rural roads where authorities said he faces a poacher who shot him four times.

Cemetery workers face life in third sex case

President Barack Obama faces a very risky time, but wrapped in the political opportunity when he headed a national memorial service for the dead from the tragedy of the shooting in Arizona.

Obama on Wednesday praised the victims and to chart the way forward for a political community shocked by the shock, after submission of a gunman on a failed assassination Arizona legislature has left six people dead and 14 wounded.

Presidents, in their role as symbolic head of state and commander in chief are periodically necessary to invoke the unit in a time of crisis, the weaving of traumatic events in a parable of American history and national mythology.

They were summoned by the poetry, as Ronald Reagan after the space shuttle disaster in 1986, or prose with pulse determination, as George W. Bush in his National Cathedral address after September 11 in 2001.

Such discourse is “a way to take a tragedy and be sober and somber, but also use it as a way of uniting the country and get things done,” said political science professor Jamie McKown.

Obama’s task is particularly challenging, given the political fury, spitting on the air almost immediately member Gabrielle Giffords, now fighting for his life in hospital, was shot Saturday.

Liberal claims that a climate of hate conservative whipped by the likes of Sarah Palin could have been accused shooter Jared Loughner on the exposed edge malignant divisions of American politics.

They also made the task of Mr. Obama in the development of the tragedy, without further aggravating the state of mind, even more demanding.

Obama will probably avoid blame, and instead honor the dead, while providing a lawyer for the living.

“The president began working on his speech last night, he thinks through what he means,” an official from the White House said Tuesday.

“He will devote most of his remarks at the commemoration of the victims.”

McKown, College of the Atlantic in Maine, said he believed Obama would “play safe” and seeking to soothe troubled political waters.

And the title of the memorial service at the University of Arizona, “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America” may offer a clue to its theme.

“The president believes that currently, the main thing we should do is offer our thoughts and prayers to those affected and ensure that we meet and taking as a country,” said Nicholas Shapiro, a White House spokeswoman.

Many post-crisis discourse presidential recall the shape of the Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln’s tribute to the civil war came in 1863, which praised the dead, and advice for life.

In 1995, Bill Clinton took the pain of Oklahoma City after a bomb attack on a federal building killed 168 people, promising justice while seeking to promote healing.

“Their legacy must be ours,” he said, the dead.

Clinton’s task to navigate a political storm that day parallel Obama – then as now, commentators blamed fiery rhetoric of the conservative anti-government attacks.

After the shuttle Challenger exploded, Reagan, to use the gifts of the actor, has sought to give meaning to a sudden tragedy.

His promise that the future belongs to the brave “consoled students who watched the disaster on live television, before stabilizing the space program of the United States at a time of crisis.

Similarly, Obama has sought to swap his official role for a presidential intimate connection with her audience on Monday, when he mentioned the murder of nine years, Christina Taylor-Green, a spectator in Arizona.

“As president of the United States, but also as a father, I am obviously spent a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them,” said Obama, who has two young daughters.

Commentators speculate whether the leadership of Obama could improve his personal political standing after the election defeat of the Republic midterm.

Polls have shown that many of Obama’s 2008 electoral appeal lies in its claim to be a figure that unites both political polarization.

This promise was not fulfilled by his presidency, because of its combination of political and very partisan atmosphere.

But as he contemplates the re-election, appealed for calm Obama could allow voters to renew a theme underlying his early political career.

Clinton is the mood of the moment after Oklahoma, and has seen his approval ratings raise after his electoral drubbing own mid-term by the Republicans.

Yet the rapid pace of U.S. policy and the attention span of the public in limited quantities, it is unclear whether voters will remember the 2011 Arizona November 2012.

And Obama seemed more capable of flying bathtub campaign speech, the intimate soliloquies sober for a president in power.

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