Gangs White Collar Crime

November 2, 2011 by staff 

Gangs White Collar Crime, Note that while the country falls into chaos increasing economic and social, even if they are lucky to be living in a neighborhood where the shooting unit out of fashion that could easily be the target of gang war cyberspace. More and more bands in the United States are showing their members have a brain and could have come in society if they had been given a fair chance to appeal to sophisticated online crime white collar.

Jennifer Booton has reported FoxBusiness “From the Street to Cyberspace: Gangs Turn to U.S. white-collar crime.” The FBI says national gangs such as Bloods and Crips are becoming more sophisticated and are turning to white collar financial crime and cyber attacks that threaten U.S. corporations and, well almost everyone. It seems that the patterns of the evolution of criminal and mortgage fraud, forgery, bank fraud and credit card and identity theft are attractive for the bands because they are much less risky than traditional gang-related crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and robbery. There is also the possibility of higher returns with cybercrime.

These bands, which also include the Latin Kings, Aryan Brotherhood and the Union of Texas, are growing in size. Your membership is up 30% to 1.4 million compared with 2009, according to the FBI, who say they are increasingly dangerous. The FBI has said that “gangs are more adaptable, organized and sophisticated, and opportunistic, taking advantage of new and advanced technology as a means to recruit, communicate discreetly, the goal of his rivals and perpetuate their criminal activity.”

According to FBI gangs such as Bloods, Crips and La Nuestra Familia is INVOL in white collar crime are the recruitment of members who possess the necessary high-tech skills. It seems that some of these criminal gangs are so sophisticated that they could run the companies. The gangs are turning more towards counterfeiting and identity theft. They are using methods such as skimming to steal account numbers or ATM card readers at retail.

These gangs have been using social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to recruit new members and communicate globally and more discreetly, without the proximity of time necessary for such communications. So be careful with the statements of these social networking sites in relation to fishing plans that promise quick profits. And considering cyber criminals have been stealing a smaller amount of money from a large number of victims remember that anyone who goes online is really vulnerable to being affected by cyber crime and so remain vigilant.

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