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Gamepost, The trailers create this look like a CIA spies with a bucket list to return to the game post-retirement. Indeed, some jokes are not made on the characters are old men. There are more jokes, too, someone on the set. Then there is a joke made by one character after shooting someone who called him an old man. Red, incidentally, is code for “Retired: Extremely dangerous’

By adapting the Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner comic, Jon and Erich Hoeber writers try to inject humor into the corner that players respect without resorting to aggression. Director Robert Schwentke lassos details of the film without sacrificing the depth of characters; all played by actors can rise above a script that is just not that rewarding. The film gets a rough sense of momentum, not a little embarrassed by the jokes that we’re supposed to find funny about the love of characters and how to use weapons.

Bruce Willis, as Moses Frank, a retired CIA tearing his social security checks as an excuse for long distance woo Sarah; a federal official (Mary-Louise Parker) is probably the most complex of the crew of the CIA. Mainly because the first scenes show the cellular structure of his days before the attack killer who puts it on the road, taking Sarah with him. Willis is a character previously excelled in films of higher quality and less, but the chemistry he shares with Parker adds an element of hokey charm, the hokeyness also works in a “do-it-like-me? “Conversation between Willis and John Malkovich.

Elsewise, the remaining players, which include crew – Helen Mirren as a flower-umbrella organization that takes contracts on the side to spice up his loneliness in New England, Morgan Freeman as a retirement home resident who escapes animated shot being done, but the ultimate sacrifice in needed, John Malkovich, as an exhaustion of camouflage-wearing first study that extended LSD helicoptors and lives in a bunker, but uses his home to lure and Brian Cox as helping Ruskie Frank’s former enemy – all find appropriate times in the shadow of their characters as much as the script when he can not put them at the right time they are needed.

On antagonists RED team, only Karl Urban as a CIA agent who is also a family man, demonstrates a true character. Rebecca Pidgeon as CIA director, fares less well, playing yet another treacherous woman, but he who has the cojones to run – and compromise – the CIA. Julian McMahon VP Robert Stanton is like a bad parody of a scene Parallax View until the presence of Richard Dreyfuss as a contractor issues ego provides real ogre of the film. Not bad, but just nice to see around him kick, is Ernest Borgnine, whose recordskeeper a great time sitting at a desk behind a wall, kicked in Frank.And the salute as an old friend.

There should be more awkward moments like this, that a less demanding may be generated. Overall, the actors have fun, but red cannot excite more than a neutral assessment.

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