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April 21, 2011 by USA Post 

Game Of Thrones, A Game of Thrones “premiered on HBO on Sunday so now everyone knows what it is. Honestly, I was having a difficult time explaining that at that time. Even if the designated prize (BAFTA and satellites) writer Troy, The Kite Runner and Wolverine broke me; I had to see it to live. David Benioff developed the television version of “Game of Thrones.” He and DB Weiss wrote the scripts for episodes based on the books of George RR Martin. While the rest of the Television Critics Association has a quick panel with all the “Game of Thrones” set, Benioff and Weiss sat down with the players online to explain really epic HBO. Now that you’ve started, we have some news about where it goes.

For those who have been living under a rock the past few months, HBO’s latest project takes an almost impossible task of bringing the legendary book series by George RR Martin, to the small screen. The series is a fantasy tale incredibly rich and wide, about the power struggles in the realm of Westra. The book series A Song of Ice and Fire, there is wider in scope and only be a great challenge, but adding multiple storylines threaded RR Martin and extensive cast of characters that does not lend itself well to film limits and television. But the brave, courageous, producers of HBO said more boldly still strong odds against them and did it anyway. Fan easy breathing children and girls, the first episode is out and HBO has done a damn good job.

The series begins as the first book (and the name of the series), A Game of Thrones with Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) who is called by his old friend King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) to join him back in the capital, Kings Landing, to help run the kingdom. Possessing a healthy distrust of the political pit of vipers that is the court of Westra Eddard refuses to go, however, a letter talking about the conspiracy of the hand and killing a former friend of the family makes to agree. Also enters the story line of the brother and sister of exiles who were the sons of former king, and in another thread of control Viserys brother (Harry Lloyd) marries his sister Daenerys (Emily Clarke) against the warrior tribe Khal Drogo leader (Jason Moma) in exchange for his army so you can try to regain the throne. The combination of all these characters and jump through masses of land can seem intimidating and discordant to follow, but the threads of the tightly woven story flow smoothly, giving the viewer to participate movement of the frame opening to closing credits.

So HBO has beaten the right look and tone, but to attract a general audience? Fans of the book (like me) are sure to see the series but have not called a bystander? My vote is yes, if the viewer is willing to endure one last episode. It was a great prime minister not gets me wrong, just had to lay the foundation to drive the ball rolling with intrigue. Although there was less of it in the episode a little series of books and the show will not be strange for you old sexual intrigue and violence that shapes the story Westra. Work RR Martin, fantasy, epic, while the scope and grandeur, is based on a rich, dirty and dangerous politics and power games. That gritty realism plays in the shows look too – characters seem believable and not degraded, and spent enough TV, so they feel they fit into the medieval world. This is not a fantasy of the way we are accustomed to seeing and realism, along with the strength of the story and characters is more than enough to attract a general audience.

Another strong point of the series is the casting. Almost all papers have been placed on characters created RR Martin. Sean Bean, the first choice for producers and creative team behind the series, is easy to link and lets see how the melancholy, honorable Eddard Stark. Another great performance, only derision in the opening episode, is Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. I look forward to see Tyrion bring it to life on screen. I would be committing sacrilege big fan if you do not mention everyone’s favorite bstrd son Stark, Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Although he and other children Stark were introduced only in this episode struck me very well with what I’ve seen them all. Children who can act and have scenes are a rare find and have found a group that will impress fans of the book and usually also newcomers. If you are new to the program stick with it,

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